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TURKMENISTAN - The Oil & Gas Reserves.

Turkmenistan has proven oil reserves of 546m barrels, with possible and probable reserves in areas already explored estimated at more than 2 bn barrels. But areas yet to be explored are said to contain huge reserves. Proven reserves of natural gas are estimated at 3 TCM.

There are eight basins in Turkmenistan, were exploration and seismic studies have shown they may contain 5.53 bn tons of oil and 13.8 TCM of gas in place, in the following order of importance:

- On the Turkmen-claimed shelf of the Southern Caspian Basin, the prospected 40,000 sq km sector consists of 40 structures said to contain 2 bn tons of oil and 2 TCM of gas. Western Geophysical of the US has done 2D seismic studies which have allowed the government to develop a new geological profile and date on the shallow water part of the Southern Caspian and related outcrop onshore. Oil and gas-bearing reservoirs there include the Neogen.

- The Turkmen sector of the Central (or Middle) Caspian Basin has 23 structures and traps in a 30,000 sq km prospected area said to contain about 1 bn tons of oil and 2.8 TCM of gas. Seismic studies there by Western Geophysical have identified rich Mesozoic and Paleozoic formations.

- The right bank of gas-prone Amu Darya River Basin, 16,000 sq km, has 74 identified structures said to contain almost 1.1 bn tons of oil and about 1.8 TCM of gas.

- The western Kopetdag-Misiryansk Basin's prospected area, 22,000 sq km, has 71 structures believed to contain 0.8 bn tons of oil and 2.9 TCM of gas.

- The Pre-Kopetdag Basin's prospected area, 20,000 sq km, consists of 56 structures said to contain 0.6 bn tons of oil and 2.5 TCM of gas.

- The Deryalyk-Dowgan Trough, 40,000 sq km, consists of 23 identified structures said to contain 750 BCM of gas. Oil in this area has not been assessed yet.

- The Northern Karabogaz in the west of Turkmenistan, 14,000 sq km, consists of 11 identified structures said to contain 600 BCM of gas. Oil in this basin has not been assessed as yet.

- The Repetek-Kelif Uplift, 5,000 sq km, consists of 21 prospected structures said to contain 30m tons of oil and 470 BCM of gas.

Areas in dispute with Azerbaijan consist of Serdar, an offshore oilfield on the Caspian maritime boundaries known in Baku as Kyapaz, and the Azeri and Chiraq oilfields which are being developed by the BP-led Azerbaijan International Oil Consortium (see survey of Azerbaijan in Nos. 4-6 of this volume).

There are also petroleum-rich areas in the South Caspian disputed between Turkmenistan and Iran.
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Publication:APS Review Oil Market Trends
Date:Sep 20, 2004
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