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TURKMENISTAN - Profile - Redzhepbai Arazov.

The Minister of Oil and Gas Industry and Mineral Resources since May 1998, Arazov has become close to the President Niyazov. In May 1998 he took over from Batyr Sardzhayev who was also deputy premier. The latter was fired by Niyazov. (Sardzhayev had taken up the oil portfolio in April 1997 to replace Gochmurad Nazdzhanov, who was fired by Niyazov for having neglected work on rehabilitation of the Turkmenbashi refinery. Nazdzhanov had the oil post in mid-1996, replacing Amangeldy Esenov, as the ministry was restructured).

Arazov has gained experience in dealing with foreign companies. Since May 1998 at at Niyazov's instructions, he has concentrated on attracting foreign investors to E&P and downstream ventures. He has also been active in promoting oil and gas export pipelines.
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Publication:APS Review Downstream Trends
Date:Sep 18, 2000
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