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TURKEY-MIDDLE EAST -Turkish fm says any military intervention would bring more chaos to the region.

BEIRUT, Mar 16, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that an external military intervention which would be made in the the Middle East would bring more chaos to the region.

The change in the Middle East was a necessity and it should be evaluated within the scope of natural course of the history, added Davutoglu, who assessed the recent incidents began in Tunisia and continued in Egypt and Libya, to Turkish state-run TRT's Arabian channel on Wednesday.

Davutoglu noted that bridges among Arab countries weakened due to colonialism which was an abnormity separating the societies from each other.

He said that every country had its own private conditions but today path of a new period was opened which reflected the will of people in the Middle East. He added that the change in the Middle East was a necessity and everybody should try to adjust in this natural course of history.

Regarding Turkey's opposition to a military intervention in Libya while EU member states kept it on the agenda, Davutoglu said that Turkey believed that external military interventions in the Middle East would make the incidents more complicated.

Military interventions cause new poles and new clashes, he said.

Noting that Turkey supported every kind of contribution in humanitarian aid and prevention of loss of people, Davutoglu said that it would be right to avoid de facto military interventions.

Davutoglu said that a military effort with a peace mission including Arab countries too could be brought onto agenda, but a unilateral intervention without a resolution of UN would overshadow the legitimacy of people who wanted a change in Libya.

When asked whether relations between Turkey and Israel were suspended or not, Davutoglu said that Turkey had some principles, and it expected Israel to respect them.

Turkey assumed a stance against Israel's aggressive attitude in the region, and it would pursue this stance, he added.

Noting that the wrong policies, which Israeli administration was pursuing, was isolating the country in the region, Davutoglu said that Turkey summoned its ambassador and froze the relations significantly after the attack on civilian aid convoy Mavi Marmara. He added that as long as Israel did not apologize and pay compensation, it would be out of question to normalize Turkey-Israel relations.

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Publication:Anadolu (Eskisehir, Turkey)
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Date:Mar 16, 2011
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