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TURKEY - Feb. 9 - Drought Alarm.

The Waterworks Institution Director Dogan Altinbilek sounds the alarm about the drought and says: "We are at a critical point. If it does not rain or snow in February and March, we will face a serious energy crisis". Dams used for energy production have received a gradually decreasing amount of water over the years. He adds: "These dams have a total storage capacity of 51 bn cubic metres. But as of February 2001, there are only 6 bn cubic metres of usable water". He draws a bleak picture regarding dams supplying drinking water. "The amount of water in dams supplying the capital Ankara with drinking water is 14m cubic metres less than last year". The yearly shortfall was 82m cubic metres for Istanbul and 53m cubic metres for Izmir and Aegean coast. Irrigation dams have 24% less water than in 2000.
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Publication:APS Diplomat Recorder
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Date:Feb 10, 2001
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