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TURKEY - Arco Gas Field.

In early May 1997, TPAO and Arco announced the discovery of a major offshore field of non-associated gas in the Akcakoca-Igneada region. This is in the south-western part of the Black Sea, where the area appears to be gas-prone. Arco is the operator with a 49% stake in a joint venture with TPAO, which holds 51%.

The field, so far proven to be the second biggest in Turkey next to Marmara Kuzey, is relatively close to the Turkish coast. It is 80 km north of the Bosphorous. The first well was developed by Arco and put on stream in the second half of 1998.

The field's recoverable reserves have been estimated at 95 BCM. Its production capacity is to be boosted in late 2000 around 45 MCM/year. The gas will be supplied to nearby markets in north-western Turkey. Arco's exploration, with its E&P agreement signed in 1995, was intensified in the second half of 1999 with a two-well programme. Drilling began in mid-1999, with Arco using a semi-submersible rig called Sedco Forex 700. The well, Limankoy-1, is in 851 metres of water and the total drilling depth was put by the company at 2,700 metres. Limankoy-2, in 695 metres of water, was drilled in September at a depth of 3,300 metres.

Arco's activities revived interest in the Turkish section of the Black Sea, despite the fact that its shelf is less than 20 km wide and descends rapidly into very deep water. BP Amoco, which is acquiring Arco, has a block further east in the Turkish section of the Black Sea (as indicated on page 1 of this Gas Market Trends).
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