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 BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich., Sept. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Generating public support for funding the arts begins with understanding the intrinsic values people place on the arts. That's the conclusion of the ValueCentered(TM) Research conducted by Ross Roy Inc. on behalf of Concerned Citizens for the Arts in Michigan.
 Ross Roy Inc. researchers designed a survey which used clinical psychologists to interview a cross-section of people throughout Michigan, focusing on the attributes, benefits and values the public associates with the arts. Their responses provided Ross Roy with the data it needed to create a map illustrating how these factors are interrelated.
 The map was then used to identify messages that would generate support for the arts. For example, the arts should be a vital part of a child's education because they help them relate in a positive way to other people.
 By demonstrating that there are many ways to express ourselves and excel, the arts help us broaden our perspective of the world and the people in it. In the process, the arts enhance our sense of well-being and underscore our freedom to use our talents in many ways.
 The research also revealed that the arts must be seen as a priority among the many other pressing social issues of the day if they are to win increased public support. While concerns such as drug abuse, crime, teenage pregnancies, divorce and AIDS are grabbing headlines, little has been said about how the arts can be a positive force in addressing these concerns.
 Making the connection will help reestablish the arts as a priority with the public and community leaders who often take their cues from public sentiment. As a result, efforts to recruit volunteers and promote fund-raising events, which have been hindered by a perception that the arts are elitist and not as important as other causes, should become more successful.
 Concerned Citizens for the Arts in Michigan (CCAM) is seeking additional funds to expand on this research and develop a cultural awareness marketing plan for the arts in Michigan.
 CCAM's research is endorsed by the National Cultural Alliance (NCA), a coalition of 41 national humanities and arts organizations. The NCA is spearheading a national communications campaign that is designed to produce a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the humanities and the arts in our society. CCAM is one of three Michigan partners in the alliance.
 The humanities and the arts will be in the national spotlight in October since President Bill Clinton has proclaimed it National Arts and Humanities Month. "Let us reflect on the breadth of artistic and humanistic endeavors that blossom freely across our nation, and let us rejoice in the eloquence and meaning they give to our ideas, hopes, and dreams as American citizens," said Clinton in making the proclamation.
 Concerned Citizens for the Arts in Michigan, a statewide non-profit organization, serves to stimulate an enriched cultural environment in Michigan by increasing broader understanding and appreciation of the fundamental value of the arts, as well as encouraging greater financial and volunteer support for the arts in the public and private sectors.
 Ross Roy Inc. is a member of Ross Roy Group. The group is composed of six advertising and marketing communications companies with offices in Michigan, New York, Ohio and Canada. It is the 17th-largest consolidated advertising agency in the nation and the 24th-largest in the world.
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