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TUFF-N-DRI[R] helps stop moisture at the source, creating healthier homes from the basement, up. (Show Home Homelink).

Controlling moisture in the basement (and subsequently through-out the entire home) is the most effective way to control the conditions that can cause mold--a leading respiratory irritant and allergy trigger--and its ill effects on a home's occupants. Moisture, combined with a nutrient source such as cardboard, soil or fabric, provides the ideal environment for mold colonization. Keeping the basement free of moisture is the surest way to prevent unwanted guests from taking up residence and safeguard the health of the homeowner.

Healthier Homes Start with TUFF-N-DRI

There are three primary sources of basement moisture: penetration through cracks in the foundation (leakage), infiltration through walls by hydrostatic pressure (seepage) and condensation. TUFF-N-DRI by Koch Waterproofing Solutions[R], Inc. provides guaranteed protection from all three sources of moisture and is backed by a 20-year transferable performance warranty.

The first step of the TUFF-N-DRI system is a polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane that's expertly spray-applied by select waterproofing contractors. Spray application allows a consistent and seamless membrane with cured thickness of 40 mils--at least 4-times thicker than standard damp-proofing. This samless layer. Spans foundation-settling crack to seal but moisture penetration including water under hydrostatic pressure.

The second component is WARM-N-DRI[R] foundation board. WARM-N-DRI is added to the foundation exterior in order to reduce the indoor-outdoor temperature differential, thereby reducing condensation and eliminating the need for an interior moisture barrier. WARM-N-DRI also directs groundwater to the perimeter drainage system and protects the membrane from damage during backfilling.

DrainStar[R] Drains Water Away for Complete Waterproofing Contro

Koch's DrainStar[R] stripdrain product eliminates the need for traditional foundation drain tile and gravel while providing an effective basement drain system. The system is composed of a rigid polymer core of engineered cones that collect and move water to designated drainage exits. These cones are surrounded by a non-woven, needle-punched geotextile fabric filter, which strains backfill soils and Other particles; When used in combination with the TUFFN-DRI system, DrainStar can be installed on the footing,' next to high-grade foundation drainage board, and no gravel is required.

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Date:Jan 1, 2002
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