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THE BRIT AWARDS 2012 ITV1 Wales, 8pm There have been plenty of memorable Brit awards over the years, but last year was up there with the best. When Adele, above, took to the stage and sang Someone Like You, it left host James Corden on the verge of tears, and millions of viewers around the world were in a similar state in the days that followed. That one appearance helped boost sales of her second album, 21, and also helped turn it into one of the most lucrative of the decade, with 17 million global sales by January 2012 alone. 21 should do well at this year''s backslapping ceremony as it''s up for Best British Album of the Year.

PETHE: SGINT S4C, 9.30pm "Sgint" ydy teitl cynhyrchiad cyffrous, newydd Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru. Mae'r ddrama yn torri tir newydd trwy ddefnyddio union eiriau pobol go iawn o Gaernarfon fel sail i'r sgript. Mae "Pethe" wedi dilyn y cynhyrchiad o'r ystafell ymarfer i'r llwyfan gan holi Arwel Gruffydd, cyfarwyddwr artistig y cwmni, am y cynhyrchiad, ac am ei weledigaeth am ddyfodol y Theatr Genedlaethol. Byddwn yn holi Bethan Marlowe, awdur "Sgint" a rhai o'r actorion am y gwaith ac yn cael barn Gareth Miles, Alun Ffred Jones ac aelodau o'r gynulleidfa yn Theatr Sherman, Caerdydd am y ddrama.

DEATH UNEXPLAINED BBC One Wales, 11.05pm As anybody who knows anything about the Darwin Awards will tell you, human beings have managed to find an incredible amount of ways to die. People have removed themselves from the gene pool in extraordinarily complex ways. The bright sparks at the BBC have clearly realised that we are all fascinated by the mysteries surrounding our final breaths, and while it may be in questionable taste as a notion for a programme, this documentary is never less than fascinating. Thankfully, it''s shot in a sensitive way and the temptation to paint the real people at its heart as characters seems to have been resisted by programme-makers. West London coroner Alison Thompson and her team investigate more mysterious deaths, including a man hit by an Underground train.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 18, 2012
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