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TUESDAY'S LETTERS: Coulter Wars, Outing Appreciation, 'Daily Show' Editorial in the "Wash Post'.

In today's letters, a reader likes Steve Outing's prescience, another thinks "faggot" isn't an offensive word, and some cheers for Greg Mitchell's column about the Washington Post's editorial about the Libby verdict.


Appreciation for Outing

I just read [Steve Outing's] last column about "Newspapering in an Unbound World" and I must say I am continuously amazed at [his] work.

I have known [his work] since '94 or '95 and [he has] consistently been focused and on the forefront of what is and should be happening to newspapers.

So this is just a little letter of appreciation for all [his] hard work! Keep it up!

Micha ReiselHod HaSharon, Israel


A 'Daily Show' Editorial From the 'Post'

This editorial hits hard and, dammit, it's funny. I hope that someone has sent it to Jon and the equally brilliant writers of TDS. Maybe TDS could make it a regular feature and, if it did, maybe the Post would be shamed into reclaiming its position for integrity and honesty.

Clifford Judge

Ha! Mr. Mitchell, brilliant! NOW that opinion piece makes sense! Otherwise, the author was simply a tool of the White House spinning like a top, as per usual.

Thanks for a chuckle and some enlightenment!

Molly DouthettCharles Town, W.V.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Painfully funny, too.

David Wyes


Coulter Dropped, Not Forgotten

I was reading your media about gleefully dropping Ann Coulter's column for calling [John Edwards] a "faggot." Saying it was an offensive remark. Who was it offensive to? Faggots? I certainly don't know anyone that is offended by the word, except perhaps you and your liberal rag.

Richard Schur

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