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TSL Products brings new levels of Ambisonics control.

US-based Pro Sound Effects (PSE), which produces sound effects libraries for media production, has released Chicago Ambisonics, its second Ambisonics library.

Having deployed TSL Products' SoundField microphones for last year's release of NYC Ambisonics, PSE once again turned to the SoundField microphones to capture Chicago's ambiences from all angles.

David Forshee, library specialist at PSE, said: "TSL Products' SoundField microphone is an accurate and reliable mic for easily capturing entire three-dimensional soundscapes.

"The ability to adjust the position of the mic in post production is a major advantage of the Ambisonics format, and the intuitive interface of the SurroundZone2 software makes it easy to incorporate this into any sound editor's workflow."

Chicago Ambisonics also utilised TSL's SurroundZone2 software, which allows sound editors and mixers to change position of "virtual microphones" in any direction with a variety of polar patterns for greater control and creativity.

Thanks to SurroundZone2 software, sound effects can be customised and then decoded to mono, stereo, 5.1, 7.1 and beyond as required. This gives users an "unprecedented level of control" over a wide range of microphone parameters from a single intuitive user interface.

Additionally, PSE would have had to use multiple microphone arrays to capture surround soundscapes, if not for the SoundField microphone. SoundField eliminates such a set-up, which is time-consuming, and can produce audio that suffers from phase incoherency. This, according to TSL Products, creates several problems when the 5.1 audio has to be "collapsed" to create a stereo soundtrack for broadcast over SD or legacy networks.

A differentiated sound effects library, Chicago Ambisonics gives editors the mixers the ability to creatively manipulate the surround space to precisely match the visuals. By supplying the original B-Format audio file from the SoundField microphone, as well as a TSL SurroundZone2 plug-in, the ambience can be completely adjusted to fit the requirements of the scene.

"The B-Format files give users the ability to tweak perspective of the city ambiences with software in real time to specifically match the setting of a scene," Forshee concluded.

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