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TRW's Sunnyvale Facility Completes 1995 With More Than 200 Contracts.

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dec. 28, 1995--The TRW Tactical Systems and TRW National Systems divisions in Sunnyvale performed on approximately 220 contracts, primarily for the U.S. government, in 1995.

Combined 1995 awards for these contracts will amount to nearly $300 million.

1995 highlights include the following.

1995 Highlights for TRW Tactical Systems:

TRW Tactical Systems continued as a leading supplier of tactical reconnaissance and direction-finding systems to the U.S. military and foreign governments. With approximately 1,000 employees, the division also has facilities in North Highlands, Calif., Fremont, Calif., Reston, Va., and Shrewsbury, N.J.

- The division won approximately 60 new contracts, with one of the largest being the High Band Prototype contract for the Joint Airborne Signal Intelligence System sponsored by the Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office. Work continued on approximately 50 other contracts, including contracts for the U.S. Army's Guardrail airborne reconnaissance system, for which TRW's former ESL subsidiary became prime contractor in 1970.

- Research and development efforts centered on advanced co-channel signal processing algorithms, and on low-cost imagery intelligence, direction finding, and frequency management systems. "In the future, wireless technology will span the defense department and the commercial world," says Lawrence B. Prior III, vice president and general manager, TRW Tactical Systems. "TRW has a core talent that will make us competitive in that field."

- TRW upgraded its Morrison Canyon facility in May to extend antenna testing to the microwave frequency bands. Located in Fremont, this is one of a few such facilities in the U.S. to accommodate full-scale testing of antenna systems on large vehicles and aircraft on a 360-degree turntable. TRW uses the facility to test systems it develops for the government, as well as to test defense and commercial systems manufactured by other companies.

- The division's Transportation Systems business unit continued to attract new business in 1995. Houston Metro awarded TRW a $2.4-million contract to develop a commuter information delivery system to test the theory that providing real-time traffic information will motivate single car occupants to try other transportation modes.

TRW also was selected as the system integrator for the Atlanta regional intelligent transportation systems projects, integrating five projects currently underway in the Atlanta area, of which TRW is a contractor on four. Work continues on major contracts in northern and southern California, Ohio and Kentucky, including an advanced regional traffic interactive management and information system (ARTIMIS) for the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky regions. The first phase of ARTIMIS, a toll-free information service, went on-line June 28.

1995 Highlights for TRW National Systems:

TRW National Systems continued its leadership in special-purpose digital signal processing systems and intelligence analysis services for the U.S. government. The division has more than 700 employees.

- TRW National Systems won more than 50 new contracts and continued work on more than 50 other contracts.

- Research and development efforts focused on advanced signal processing technologies and information warfare concepts. "I see our future business as still being primarily signal processing," says Dr. Marijean Seelbach, vice president and general manager, TRW National Systems. "In battles of the future, the key to winning will be information."

- TRW National Systems continued to apply its data processing expertise to law enforcement applications. In March, TRW completed a 12-month beta test of the Modus Operandi Registrant Computer in the San Jose Police Department's sexual assault unit. The system, which may be used by virtually any type of criminal unit, enables detectives to rapidly match the details of one crime to other crimes recorded in the data base. This aids investigative effectiveness because many offenders follow the same method of operation in their crimes.

Other 1995 Highlights:

- To meet the requirements of new and ongoing contracts, the facility, with a total population of more than 1,700 employees, now has openings for more than 100 engineers. Most of the new positions are for software engineers.

- TRW redefined the work week for Sunnyvale employees in July, giving them a day off every other Friday. Employees now work a schedule of 80 hours in nine days, or "9/80" with eight nine-hour days and one eight-hour day every two weeks.

- The facility participated for the third time in the national Take Our Daughters to Work Day, which was held on April 27 with 145 girls. At the request of employees, the facility also hosted more than 130 boys on Oct. 9 for TRW's Take Our Sons to Work Day. Employees' children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and neighbors were invited to the events.

TRW Tactical Systems and TRW National Systems are divisions of Fairfax, Va.-based TRW Systems Integration Group. The group performs systems engineering and systems integration, and develops and installs command and control systems, information processing systems, and security systems for federal government agencies, industry contractors, and international customers.

TRW Inc. provides advanced technology products and services to the automotive, space and defense, and information systems markets. Sales in 1994 were $9 billion.


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Date:Dec 28, 1995
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