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TRUE AMAZING LOVES: Does your sex life sizzle in the sun?


-WE got our first taste of summer sun last week - and there's nothing like it for making guys and girls feel sexy.

-But while tropical weather and scanty clothing gets many people hot and steamy, it leaves others cold romantically.

-BUSOLA ODULATE, OLIVIA BUXTON and EMMA BUSSEY asked three girls if their sex life sizzles as the temperatures soar.



STUNNING Jane Craven looks forward to summer because her passion rises with the temperature.

Jane, 23, reckons that sex with her lover Alex Standish is always pretty hot. But when the sun comes out, it reaches boiling point.

She said: "Every summer, I feel like a new woman again.

"In the winter I get lazy and sluggish and the last thing I feel like doing at the end of the day is making love.

"But when the sun is shining I feel like I'm glowing inside and out.

"I always get so much more energy and I channel that into sex.

"Alex really looks forward to those long, hot summer nights when I'm always keen to make love to him.

"We spend more time together at the weekends doing things outside and then there are the holidays which see our passion explode."

Sales assistant Jane, of Southampton, met 25-year-old builder Alex on holiday in Ibiza two summers ago - and she said the sizzling heat made the chemistry between them even more passionate.

She says: "Sexually we got off to a fantastic start together because we met when we were on holiday. It was a sultry evening and we were both enjoying holidays with our friends.

"One night, I was out with my girlfriends celebrating a birthday and Alex ended up joining our group because he was in the same bar.

"He was looking tanned and relaxed and I felt really sexually charged that night.

"I'd got quite a good tan that week so that night all I had on was a sparkly bikini top and mini skirt.

"My legs were glistening and brown and Alex kept complimenting me about them. I had been single for a year and that night I was feeling incredibly turned-on.

"All I'd seen for the last week was acres of gorgeous tanned flesh and the whole place seemed to be filled with beautiful bodies.

"Men had been giving me looks all week and it made me feel so attractive and sexy.

"I like showing off my figure and when other people appreciate the way I look, I feel confident and raring to go. After we had some drinks Alex and I decided to watch the sunset on the beach. We were giggling together as we headed for the sand and sat down to look at the sun.

"We talked for a while but we soon started to kiss. We were both getting turned on.

"It was all getting very heated and before I knew it, Alex had slipped his hand under my bikini top and pulled me on top of him.

"We were so excited and I felt my heart beating faster and faster as he ran his hands up and down my thighs. I felt desperate to make love, like it would kill me if we didn't.

"I've never felt so excited about making love with someone for the first time. It was deep, sensual and completely wonderful.

"The sand and the sea and the sun going down was all so atmospheric. That moment will stick in my memory forever."

The hot-blooded pair were soon inseparable and spent the rest of the week making love at least three times a day.

She said: "On that holiday we had a lot of sex, in the mornings, after lunch and at

night. Alex later moved to Southampton to live with me and things were great between us until the autumn when my sex drive started to go downhill.

"By winter we made love only twice a week. I felt cold and moody - I just wanted to curl up in bed at night and sleep.

"Sunshine definitely brings out the sexual side in me so I'm really looking forward to spending the next few weeks getting hot and steamy with my man."



BLONDE Clare Buckley gets to top up her tan as she indulges in her favourite summer pastime - outdoor sex.

Clare, 21, is so turned on by hot weather that she has romped with her boyfriend in parks, beaches and even on an open-top BUS.

She said: "In the winter, I can't even be bothered to make love once every two days but in the summer I think nothing of having sex five times a day.

"My biggest turn-on is making love outside and, obviously, in Britain it's impossible to do that in the winter.

"But when it's hot, I become really adventurous and am always on the look-out for new places to have sex."

Human resources manager Clare has been with plumber Jonathan Gainsford, 25, for four years. They met on holiday in Tenerife - where they had sex on the beach after just two days.

She said: "The first time we made love was outside and I think it's been a feature of our relationship ever since.

"The last time was a month ago when we had a warm weekend.

"I stripped off into a pink bikini top and some white hotpants while Jonathan took off his T-shirt and was wearing just a pair of shorts. We had only been lying down for a few minutes when we started kissing and stroking each other.

"We got increasingly turned on and soon we were kissing passionately. We were worried about being too visible so we moved near a bush.

"Then we carried on kissing and I could feel Jonathan's hands all over my body.

"We'd bought a couple of ice-creams and Jonathan rubbed some over my stomach and thighs and licked it off.

"Then he started playing around with my bikini top and it sprang open. Moments later he had taken off my hotpants as well and we were making love.

"It was amazing - there's no bigger thrill than knowing there are people just feet away who don't have a clue what's going on.

"Afterwards we just sat up and acted like nothing had happened." They took an even bigger risk on a bus touring London.

Clare said: "We sat at the back, away from the few others on board.

"I started running my hand down his legs, then manoeuvred myself on to his lap. To anyone else, it looked like I was just sitting there but we were having sex."

Now Clare, who lives with Jonathan in Brighton, East Sussex, is looking forward to a passion-filled summer.

She said: "Cold weather's all right if you want to dive under the covers for a friendly, but unsexy cuddle.

"But as far as I'm concerned, you can't beat summer loving."



SECRETARY Kate Andrew dreads hot summer months - because of her boyfriend's roving eye.

As the temperatures go up, it's fitness instructor Damien Cox's cue to eye up any scantily-clad women.

And his lecherous behaviour aggravates 21-year-old Kate so much it becomes a real turn-off.

She said: "I absolutely dread summer because our love life takes a nose-dive.

"I get so wound up when I see Damien looking at other women, it puts me off being intimate with him and I simply don't fancy having sex.

"It makes me feel so insecure and worthless because I feel that Damien doesn't fancy me enough.

"When he behaves in such a laddish way, we make love once a week rather than every night and Damien has to use all his powers of persuasion to get me into bed.

"Even when he does succeed, my heart isn't in it because I think of the other women he's had his eye on."

Kate met Damien, 23, at her local gym in Hastings, East Sussex, two years ago and they now live together. She recalls: "I fancied Damien from the moment I saw him. I was on the exercise bike and Damien was opposite, pumping iron.

"I couldn't stop looking at his bulging biceps as he lifted weights and I was embarrassed when he caught me looking at him.

"Eventually, he came over to introduce himself.

"We chatted for ages and, out of the blue, he asked if I fancied going for a drink with him." The couple enjoyed several dates before making love for the first time a month later.

Kate admits: "It happened after a romantic dinner at Damien's flat.

"I was sitting at the table with a glass of wine in my hand when, without saying a word, Damien took it off me and led me into his bedroom.

"He wasted no time in undressing me - he slipped off my top and skirt and whispered in my ear that he wanted to make love.

"I started to undo his shirt and we kissed passionately. Then we fell into bed and, after about half an hour touching and stroking each other we began to make love.

"Damien was incredible and I felt this amazing sexual chemistry I'd never experienced before.

"That night we made love over and over again and the following morning we fell asleep in each other's arms, exhausted."

From that moment Kate and Damien couldn't keep their hands off each other and they were blissfully happy until last summer - when they decided to go to the beach. Kate says: "I stripped off to my bikini and turned round to find Damien ogling every other woman on the beach.

"I was livid and stormed off home without him.

"That night he tried to make love to me but I was so angry I pushed him away. He said that I was over-reacting which made me even more enraged. It's been the same ever since. During the summer I get increasingly cold towards Damien."

Kate also maintains that the winter months make the couple more loving and eager to dive between the sheets. She said: "Winter is a far more romantic time for me - we cosy up on the sofa with a bottle of wine at night and hug each other for warmth."

She adds: "People may think I'm silly to stay with Damien because his summer behaviour upsets me so much. But I know he really loves me.

"He is probably only doing what most other men do, it's just that I notice it more.

"But it means I prefer winter. I find the summer one big turn-off."

-SEVEN out of 10 people say that they feel sexier when the weather is hot.

-A QUARTER of single women are more likely to have a one-night stand during summer.


SUMMER LOVING: Beach kiss; OPEN AIR THRILLS: Sexy Clare; TURN-OFF: Kate dreads summer
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