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TRT launches Visual ProVIDE WINDOWS GUI package; Visual ProVIDE works with Visual Basic to build computer telephony applications.

ROSEVILLE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 10, 1995--Telephone Response Technologies Inc. (TRT), a leading supplier of Computer Telephony (CT) solutions, announced the release of the visual ProVIDE computer telephony development environment.

Visual ProVIDE is the first true Graphical User Interface (GUI)/Visual Basic CT tool to be bundled in kit form with Dialogic multi-line speech cards. Visual ProVIDE kits allow end-users and developers alike to rapidly create voice mail, fax-on-demand, and voice response solutions inexpensively. The product uses a highly intuitive "point and click" capability that requires no programming background.

Anyone wishing to build those applications needs only a Windows 3.1-based 486 computer, Visual Basic 3.0, a standard speech processing card, and Visual ProVIDE. An extensive toolbox of voice processing related Visual Basic controls allow for rapid development of CT applications.

"Visual ProVIDE combines the power and flexibility of Visual Basic with an extremely intuitive Graphical User Interface," says Chris Bajorek, president of TRT. "Visual Basic developers can easily develop and test applications. By using Visual ProVIDE's call flow forms, even non-programmers can create powerful CT applications easily."

Graphical User Interface

When Visual ProVIDE is added to Visual Basic, a complete CT design toolbox environment is created. Users simply select toolkit elements with their mouse, connect them together to create the call flow, and enter properties for each element, such as digits to collect, timers, prompts, and data access instructions.

Graphical Voice Editor

The Visual ProVIDE Voice Editor is compatible with standard sound cards and computer telephony cards including Soundblaster and Dialogic cards. Recordings made with sound cards can be easily converted from WAV format to standard ADPCM or PCM output for use with Dialogic's popular D/41D and D/121B computer telephony components. The editor allows for the cataloguing of text scripts, multi-prompt (VAP) files, and the use of a full library of commonly used numbers, dates, and letters.

Full-featured Debugging and Testing

Visual ProVIDE's advanced test feature allows developers to use an on-screen touch-tone pad with a sound card to simulate live calls, without the use of telephone lines.

Connectivity and Database Capabilities

Due to Visual Basic's vast connectivity options, Visual ProVIDE applications have access to a variety of sophisticated inputs and outputs to aid in the design of CT solutions. Dynamic Data Exchange(DDE) allows for direct communication between the CT application and other Windows-based applications such as WinFax and Excel. Visual Basic Data controls have direct connections with Paradox, Access, dBase, FoxPro, and Btrieve databases. By using Open Data Base Connectivity (ODBC), SQL, AS400, and a host of other databases are accessible. These capabilities enable an endless variety of data-driven CT applications such as inventory control, order entry, locator, and scheduling solutions.

Communication Links and Messaging

E-Mail and serial communications are directly supported with Visual ProVIDE and Visual Basic through COMM controls and MAPI interfaces. This allows developers to build CT systems for unified Messaging and Call Center scenarios, so icons representing voice mail, e-mail, and fax mail can be combined, managed, and accessed within the same client workstation. In addition, third-party utilities for speech recognition, text-to-text speech, and fax can easily be added by using Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) and DDE methods.

Customization of Visual ProVIDE Applications

There are over 500 add-on Visual Basic extensions (called VBXs) available from third parties. These VBXs perform a wide range of duties including mainframe access, image processing, credit card processing, and database access. For example, Rumba VBXs from Wall Data emulate IBM cluster controllers in CICS-based mainframe environments.

"With over 1 million Visual Basic users worldwide, Visual ProVIDE is poised to upgrade thousands of workgroup and Windows computing environments to CT-readiness," says Edwin Margulies, V.P., Sales & Marketing, TRT. "By combining the expertise of our existing Value-Added Reseller channel and Windows Telephony developers, TRT has become the ultimate clearinghouse for CT solutions."

Visual ProVIDE is currently shipping and priced between $475 and $2,500 for port densities between one and 32 lines. The product carries no run-time license charges, allowing developers to ship multiple copies of their developed applications without royalites. Special hardware and software bundles are available as "starter kits" for $1,345 including multi-port Dialogic speech cards.

TRT is a ten-year-old company serving the communications and computer telephone industry. In addition to Visual ProVIDE, TRT offers a comprehensive line of software and complete kits for fax-on-demand and other computer telephony solutions. The company's award-winning ProVIDE product is used worldwide by systems integrators, Value-Added Resellers, and telephone companies.

ProVIDE is the basis for over 70,000 installed ports of CT applications worldwide. Based in Roseville, TRT is a charter endorser of the Signal Computing System Architecture (SCSA), and a member of the Dialogic ToolKit Developer Program.

CONTACT: Edwin Margulies

Telephone Response Technologies Inc. voice: 916/784-7777,

ext. 126, Fax: 916/784-7781.

e-mail: 75540.2050(at symbol)

Data Sheet on Visual PROVIDE Available by Fax-On-Demand.

Just dial 916/784-7994; ask for doc. No. 1600

Free demonstration units available to all writers and editors

ProVIDE and Visual ProVIDE are registered trademarks of Telephone Response Technologies Inc. D/41D, and D/121B are trademarks of Dialogic Corp. All other products named herein may be trademarks of their respective makers and are hereby recognized.

CONTACT: Telephone Response Technologies Inc., Roseville

Edwin Margulies, 916/784-7777, ext. 126
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 10, 1995
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