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Get ready for wheels of fire with the ultimate challenge to the trade to raise funds for the NGBF

When the going gets tough the tough go shopping.

And when the going gets really tough, the trade's finest and fittest don't go off their trolleys, they get behind them to teach the opposition a lesson.

That's why you would be off your trolley not to enter what is sure to become the nation's ultimate sporting event.

The Grocer's Great Trolley Race is unleashed on an unsuspecting trade to raise money for the National Grocers Benevolent Fund.

We're putting forward three trolleys and crews and are throwing down the gauntlet to teams in any sector of the trade: take us on!

The IGD has already risen to the challenge. Chief executive Joanne Denney said she was prepared to be a trolley good sport, but at the same time she warned: "Make no mistake -- we are going into this to win."

The vehicle will be a shopping trolley propelled by a team of three, with a fourth member taking pride of place in the trolley itself -- and preferably wearing a crash helmet.

Trolley manufacturer Wanzl, which is sponsoring the event, will provide each team with a shopping trolley personalised with the team name and number. You can adapt your trolley to make it more fit for action, but only from the basket down -- and it can only have four wheels. No mechanical or wind assistance will be permitted.

The course will be a specially designed track at the Imperial War Museum's Duxford airfield, in Cambridgeshire, on Sunday July 23.

But as we want to raise as much money as possible for the NGBF, the racing will be handicapped; in each heat the team that has raised the most money will get a head start.

Before lunch there will be the qualifying rounds, with the knock out phase coming into play after lunch.

You'll need to be quick with entries because for this, the first year of the race, only 100 teams will be allowed.

We're keen to see the industry's celebrities roped in and are working to recruit a celebrity team. But if you work with one or more of the industry's great and good, why not invite them to join your team?

We've already had preliminary discussions with a number of colleagues in the media so we're confident of a strong profile for the event.

The Grocer will be going all guns to make sure the day is a prestigious and memorable event for the industry, a profitable and enjoyable networking event for family, friends, colleagues and associates, with maximum publicity for all the participants, their brands and their products.

Space has been made available for manufacturers to bring along their consumer marketing displays.

And a host of attractions put on by the grocery trade itself will cater for the whole family and will be hosted against the backdrop of Europe's premier aviation museum, which has free admission for children. There are more than seven acres of indoor exhibitions.

Don't forget, too, that the sponsorship for the trolleys can be raised in the same way as other Grand Prix teams. Space on the trolley can be sold, the teams' race suits and headgear can be sponsored and so on ...

So rope together the most awesome leg power at your disposal and enter!

* For more details call William Reed Events on 01293 610434 or email


The overall winning team will have the opportunity for a one-minute trolley rush in their local supermarket, with the contents of the trolley theirs to keep.

Four other prizes will be up for grabs:

* the most novel trolley and team

* the most money raised

* the fastest time (unhandicapped)

* the overall winner.


* A team must raise a minimum of [pounds sterling] 1,000 to enter

* Entry fees should be sent with the entry form or presented at the team captains' briefing prior to racing -- no fee, no race

* Entrants will be drawn from a hat, World Cup style, to establish who races whom in the qualifying rounds

* The trolley must be able to carry a person and one team member must be carried at all times. The passenger must be over 18 years of age

* The team will be required to sign an indemnity form prior to racing.
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Date:Feb 19, 2000
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