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 Joint Solution Provides Direct SQL Access
 to Non-Relational Mainframe Data
 CHICAGO at Database World, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Trinzic Corporation (NASDAQ: TRNZ) and Micro Decisionware, Inc. (MDI) today announced the general availability of the new InfoHub client/server software product for the MDI Database Gateway.
 The combination of these two powerful products constitutes the industry's most flexible, high performing enterprise data access solution, Micro Decisionware said, enabling direct SQL access to the 80 percent of corporate data that is stored in non-relational, legacy systems.
 For the first time, users can directly read, write, update and join all mainframe data including CA/IDMS, IMS, VSAM, ADABAS, DB2 and sequential files from the many popular front-end application tools written to the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Application Programming Interface (API). This can all be done without the need for mainframe programming.
 Beta Tests Demonstrate Ease-of-Use and Versatility
 Phoenix Mutual Insurance participated in the customer testing program for InfoHub for the Database Gateway. Jim Mercik, senior analyst at Phoenix Mutual described their reasons for choosing InfoHub and the Database Gateway: "The company has lots of legacy data, but we wanted a rich, GUI environment for reporting, and to consolidate into a single architecture for accessing both VSAM files and DB2 tables. We also wanted to off-load MIPS from the mainframe to eliminate the need for expensive investment in additional mainframe capacity."
 "InfoHub allows the mainframe to look like a local server database," commented Jerry Hauge, database administrator with Minnesota Power. "It will allow our Windows development tools to access ADABAS and create applications faster than writing mainframe code. In addition, our applications will be transportable so that we could eventually migrate mainframe data onto SQL Server or some other DBMS without our users being affected."
 InfoHub for MDI's Database Gateway was also successfully beta tested at a number of customer sites including the Provincial Government of Alberta, Canada, and Southern California Gas.
 Trinzic/MDI Partnership is a Winning Combination for Customers
 The Trinzic/MDI partnership was announced in June of this year at Database World. Under the terms of the agreement, MDI has been marketing Trinzic's InfoHub and InfoPump(TM) data management tools with its Database Gateway product line.
 "InfoHub provides what no other product has delivered -- ad hoc access and update capability, automatic generation of all DBMS specific code and support for advanced relational features like triggers and stored procedures," said Frederick J. Lizza, Trinzic's vice president and general manager of data access and connectivity products. "This cooperative partnership opens up a vast array of access to users needing access to needing access to non-relational data. MDI's sophisticated access from the network and Trinzic's technology is a powerful combination."
 Quick and Easy Access to Time-Critical Data Without Mainframe Coding
 MDI President Michael H. Forster echoed Lizza's comments, saying, "This joint solution makes our customers the clear winners by enhancing their access to the large stores of non-relational enterprise data which is so critical to their decision support and application development processes." Until now, access to non-relational data has been accomplished largely through the use of the remote stored procedures (RSPs) capabilities of the Database Gateway. While RSPs are an excellent method for executing routine database queries, the combination of InfoHub and the Database Gateway provides customers with the ad hoc access they want as well. It also enables them to join non-relational data with all the ease afforded by their preferred front-end tools such as Trinzic's Forest & Trees(TM), Powerbuilder and Visual Basic.
 ODBC Support
 "Micro Decisionware's and Trinzic's support of ODBC is an important element of our strategy to facilitate the implementation of client/ server applications in large organizations," said Jonathan Lazarus, vice president of systems strategy at Microsoft. "It's important to customers because it enables them to choose the application tools and DBMSs best suited to their business needs."
 Available Today from Both Micro Decisionware and Trinzic
 InfoHub is available immediately directly from Trinzic Corporation at 1-800-775-7122 or through Micro Decisionware at 1-800-221-3634.
 Trinzic products -- InfoHub(TM), InfoPump(TM), Forest & Trees(R), KBMS(R), Aion(R) Development System (AionDS), and Intellect(TM) -- enable customers to build, integrate and implement applications in a client/server architecture. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Calif., Trinzic Corporation has more than 275 employees and a combined installed base of more than 35,000 product licenses. Trinzic products are distributed by a direct sales force and key marketing partners, as well as distributors throughout North America, Europe, the Pacific Rim and South America.
 Since its inception in 1980, MDI has become the industry leader in providing multi-platform, enterprise information solutions. It pioneered enterprise data connectivity with the development of its Database Gateway and Access Server line of products. The company's unique blend of mainframe and workstation expertise, and the ability of its products to produce solid business results, have led to an installed customer base which includes more than a third of the Fortune 1000. Its products have gained wide acceptance in all industry groups including banking, finance, insurance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, energy, retailing and government, and have been deployed by companies as diverse as Chemical Bank, 3M, ARCO, The Prudential, Towers Perrin and General Mills.
 MDI's leading edge products are backed by the best technical support and service in the industry, and further enhanced by the company's close working partnerships with Microsoft, IBM and more than 100 ISVs. MDI is a Microsoft Solution Provider and a member of IBM's Cooperative Software Program.
 Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., Micro Decisionware is a partnership company of Safeguard Scientifics (NYSE: SFE), a New York Stock Exchange company located in Wayne, Pa.
 -0- 12/8/93
 /CONTACT: Michael J. Greeley of Trinzic, 617-891-6500, or Pam Hamilton or Victoria Minden, 617-431-0770, for Trinzic, or Bruce Rosner, 215-251-1680, for Micro Decisionware, or Jennifer Johnson of Micro Decisionware, 303-443-2706/

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