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TRIED & tested.

GOOD intentions about working out can falter if work or other pressures keep you from the gym. Tinashe Sithole checks out an innovative portable training system which can be used at home as well as at a gym. WHAT IS IT? The TRX suspension system is a portable body-weight suspension exercise tool, which allows users to have a full workout using simply their body weight as resistance. TheTRX Home Suspension Training Kit features equipment, workouts and education materials for hundreds of exercises to build strength, flexibility, core stability and power. Many gyms in the country incorporate wall clips for TRX users, so the unit can form a core part of a gym routine.

WHAT'S IT LIKE? THIS kit is deceptively simple in appearance as it consists of a single strap adjustable at both ends with cushioned handles for your hands or feet, with a steel loop for anchoring in the centre. But behind its design and accompanying exercise programme is years of research by its makers into best fitness practices by military academies, as well as studies by professional sports bodies and athletes experiences. There's a helpful list of basic workouts and movements included as well as an online library giving access to many more, and blogs full of ideas. It means there's everything necessary to get started and help you progress through the levels of competency, strength and flexibility. This is easily the best piece of workout equipment I have used in the last decade. My verdict: brilliant. RX Suspension Training Home Kit, PS198, available from TRX. For more information, visit
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 17, 2013
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