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BOLD brows are still very much on trend, but what if you've been cursed with sparse arches? Just because Rihanna appeared on the cover of Vogue last year with super-skinny eyebrows does not mean that we should now all be plucking and pencilling thin black lines above our peepers.

Far from it - surveying the SS19 catwalk shows, it was clear that bushy, brushed-up brows are still all the rage.

Here, our beauty expert offers tips to help you boost your brows...

4. PICK UP A PENCIL "Add colour with an ultra-fine brow-defining pencil that delivers believable hair-like strokes," Barker advises. "I would suggest looking for one that has a twist up applicator - look for either a super fine point or flat blade shape.

"I've seen a lot of dark brows. This is a trend I would like to soften, especially if you are fair haired.

"My favourite brow colour is YSL pencil number four, Ash. It is almost a grey-green shade, the colour of a shadow and suits the majority of people."

YSL BEAUTY DESSIN DES SOURCILS EYE PENCIL, PS21 5. PAINT WITH A POMADE "For anyone with more of an artistic flair, a brow pomade is another great option," Barker says, for creating the look of fuller brows. "It tends to come in a little inkpot and applied using a brush. I would suggest using a short haired slim angled brush as it will allow you to mimic hair using little strokes."

BBB BROW SCULPTING POMADE CHAI, PS18 1. START WITH A GROWTH SERUM "If you have gone a little overboard with brow hair removal, then there is what I would call a miracle growth product called Revitabrow," says make-up artist Frey-ja Barker.

"It works by holding the hair in place for an extra two to three weeks, meanwhile encouraging the new hair to come through, revealing fuller, thicker brows.

REVITALASH HI-DEF TINTED BROW GEL, PS32 2. TRY A TINT "A brow tint will softly colour any fine blond hair throughout the brow and its border, helping to reveal hair you didn't even know was there," Barker says.

Much like colouring your hair, it's best left to a professional. See the Benefit website for your nearest location, where tinting starts from PS13.

For instant but natural volume, try the Shavata Day-Long Brow Tint. Its clever applicator magically only tints hair not skin, so it makes brows bolder." SHAVATA DAY-LONG BROW TINT, PS19 3. BUILD YOUR BROWS To add volume and definition to your brows, choose a product that contains microfibres that cling to your existing brow hairs.

"The formula of brow build is a little like applying mousse to the roots of your hair - it gives a fullness," Barker says.

"For the application, I would suggest brush backwards against the hair growth, followed by a second swipe following the natural hair growth." BBB BROW STYLING GEL CLOVE, PS20

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