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TRICKS OF THE TRADE: TO THE TEST: Wireless doorbells.

Wirefree portable speaker door chime kit, pounds 39.99, Byron ( 01527 557700,

WITH the ability to record your own greeting, the potential for naffness is unlimited, but the unit also comes with eight melodies, including dogs barking . The speaker looks like a thermos flask. 100m range.

Byron wirefree door chime with picture frame, pounds 19.99, Argos (0870 600 2020,

IF you want multi-functions, try this. There's a doorbell with eight chimes, a clock, timer, thermometer, alarm, date and picture frame. 100m range.

Flower shaped doorbell, pounds 9.99, Argos

THE doorbell a teenage girl would choose if she had bought a house. Cheap and cute, but you need to mess around with screwdrivers to attach the battery compartments. 2m range.

Plug-in chime with bell push, pounds 14.99, Wickes (0500 300328,

EASY to assemble and the chime plugs into a socket, making it unobtrusive and portable. Only has three basic chimes, but isn't that all you need? 35m range.

Plug-in door chime, pounds 24.95, Scotts of Stow (0870 544 9449)

CLEVERLY "replacing" the power socket it uses, this doorbell's chimes include a jaunty rendering of Twinkle Twinkle and Oh Susannah 80m range

Evo wirefree plug-in chime kit, pounds 17.99, Focus (0800 436 436,

THIS doorbell has two sounds - a ding dong and a clarinet ditty. Changing between them is easy, as the buttons are on the outside of the plug-in unit. 50m range.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 26, 2006
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