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TRICKS OF THE TRADE: Sticky moment in a corner.

Byline: Zena Alli

Q MY daughter painted our spare room red with a white feature wall. She used low-tack masking tape to separate the colours, but it still stripped off the paint when removed. Her freehand is not very neat. What's the best method? - Mrs E.J. Turney, Peterborough.

A ZENA SAYS: I prefer freehand - the key is to use a small brush and be very, very careful. It takes no longer than it would to apply tape with the necessary precision. However, if you're dead set on using masking tape, make sure the first painted wall (say one of the red ones) has dried for the recommended time before positioning the low-tack tape. Then paint a brush-width of two to three inches from the corner, and gently remove the tape as soon as you can while the new paint is still wet. The tape should be in place for the shortest possible time so the adhesive won't get a chance to penetrate the painted wall.


Cutting edge.. learn how to get a sharp line between colours Pictures: CLIVE NICHOLS/GARDEN WORLD IMAGES / JOHN STURROCK
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Feb 5, 2006
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