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THE MORGAN GROUP, INC., Houston, Texas, has purchased two city blocks in the heart of the city's Museum District. The 3.4-acre land sale signals the first major interest in apartment development in the area in 30 years, and marks a national trend in downtown residential redevelopment and reuse. The new community to house between 200 and 400 units, will be designed to complement the Museum District's tree-lined, park-like setting, The community is directly across from the Children's Museum of Houston and the Museum of Health & Medical Science, within walking distance of Hermann Park, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Houston Zoo.

THE ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, A Forum of Environmental Design Places, has awarded DIGGS TOWN, Norfolk, Virginia, one of six 1999 AWARDS FOR PLACE DESIGN AND PLACE RESEARCH. Diggs Town Public Housing involved the redesign and redevelopment of a 428-unit, low-rise community built in the 1950s as part of the federal public housing program. The community had become plagued with serious problems of unemployment, crime, drugs, and decay, and the redevelopment plan was commissioned as a demonstration project to coordinate physical design changes, The new pattern of streets and open spaces links the community to its surroundings. Since the completion of the redevelopment, there have been measurable decreases in the local crime rate, increases in home ownership preparedness, and more participation in education and job programs. The project designer was URBAN DESIGN ASSOCIATES, of Pittsburgh. The sponsor was the NORFOLK REDEVELOPMENT AND HOUSING AUTHORITY. The funder was HUD's Comprehensive Improvement Assistance Program.
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Date:May 1, 1999
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