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Efficiency Production, Inc.

A pre-fabricated, Slide Rail & Shore-Trak Cross Trench Utility Shielding System is available from Efficiency-Production, Inc. The innovative system allows for shielding around existing utilities while providing excellent protection for pipe installation crews. Shore-Trak panels are two-feet wide and up to 30-feet long. The panels slide through a guide frame and lock in place away from utility lines. This provides a good alternative to close sheeting and can be used in either pit or linear applications. Info 120

Pro-Tec Equipment, Inc.

The high-clearance-arch trench-shield spreader provides up to 10 feet of vertical clearance in a trench making installation of large diameter pipe easy. The high-clearance-arch trench-shield spreader quickly pins onto shields and replaces pipe spreaders. Bolt-on horizontal extensions provide up to 22 feet of width accommodating a variety of excavation conditions. The trench-shield spreader is also used in boring pits and other trenches where up to 10 feet of vertical clearance is needed. Info 121

Trench Plate Rental Co.

The aluminum Quik-Box wheel kit is designed for contractors working in a street or field so they can easily roll shoring plates through a trench. Because the trench plates can roll, a backhoe or excavator are not needed and can keep working. The trench box provides the same protection and has the same psf ratings with or without the wheel kit, which is designed for use with Quik-Box products that are six, eight or 10 feet tall and up to 16 feet long. Info 122

Griswold Machine & Engineering, Inc.

The AEX Series of trench shields were recently introduced by Griswold Machine & Engineering, Inc. to meet the shoring and safety needs of contractors and municipalities. AEX trench shields have two- or four-inch wide extruded aluminum sidewalls with a bottom knife-edge made of T-6 aluminum. Extruded end pieces and a top cap provide the strength needed for shoring in a trench. The AEX Series can be used in a two-, three- or four-sided configuration. Optional backhoe pullbars make it easy to move the trench shield. Info 123


A lightweight, versatile alternative in trench protection was recently introduced by Safe-T-Shore. The Design-A-Shield modular aluminum trench shield is one of the most portable systems in the industry and can be transported in the bed of a pickup truck. Its modular design offers versatility in various shield con figurations. The Design-A-Shield allows the flexibility to quickly change the size of the shield to match each unique condition at a job site. Info 124

bil-jax, inc.,

The Trench-Jax 24 is a mechanical shielding or shoring system that is one-third the cost of hydraulic trench-shoring systems and is easily transported to the job site. The Trench-Jax 24 system consists of light weight aluminum components that can either be pinned or bolted together. For different trench-shoring requirements, two-sided, three-sided, and box applications are available in a variety of widths and lengths. Info 125

Speed Shore Corporation

Tuff-Lite six-inch shields from Speed Shore Corporation are available in lengths up to 32 feet and from four- to 10-feet high. The trench shield's tubular design redefines lightweight, high-capacity shields and has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of double-walled steel shields. Standard features include replaceable push blocks, through-wall spreader sockets, foam-filled walls and heavy-duty lifting and pulling eyes. Info 126
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Publication:Underground Construction
Date:Apr 1, 2000
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