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Byline: with Jamie Breese TV antiques and collectables expert

Q WE have been clearing out our loft and have found a genuine Action Man Space Capsule, including the original action man astronaut. It is in reasonable condition, but unfortunately we do not have the original packaging. We believe that it is about 40 years old. Is it worth anything? Graham Daniels, via email

A YOURS is in good condition, but the lack of packaging is a deal-breaker for many. You can expect to get around PS20-PS40 from a dealer in its current condition.

This capsule in a box with a costumed figure first appeared in 1968 and is quite rare. A mint boxed one would be worth hundreds.

Shows like Toy Hunter on Quest have helped put toy collecting in the spotlight. The 12-inch toy solder was the British equivalent of America's GI Joe. He first appeared in 1966 and was made by Palitoy. It was a risk at the time as nobody knew if British boys would want dolls!

The first dolls are more valuable. You can spot them as they have a flesh-coloured groin area (later ones sported blue pants), hard plastic hands and painted-on hair.

Q I HAVE four copies of Fred Basset cartoon books - numbers 2, 13, 17 and an unnumbered one which turns out to be No 1. They are in good order. Can you tell me if they are worth anything? Phil Bennett, via email 50th Birthday...Fred

A THE first few books are worth around PS20 each - which isn't a huge amount for a No 1 of any comic book. However, you probably have a nice job lot there which could sell for PS50+ to the right buyer... and that's not bad for something that cost just 2 and 9! Fred - "the hound that is almost human" - is 50 this year. The first book appeared in the early 1960s. He was created by artist Alex Graham, who named him after his own basset hound Freida.

Q IN 1966 I won a cricket bat at a function held in honour of the West Indies Touring Team. It is signed by some of the greats such as Gary Sobers, D W Allan, W Hall and WJ Hoys. There are 19 signatures in total. It is in good condition. Would you be able to put a value on it? Monica Loney, via email

A A COMMEMORATIVE bat signed by the great Sir Garfield Sobers would be worth PS150-PS200 on the high street. To have 19 signatures is really special and this is something which might fetch well over PS500 if you gave it to a specialist sporting memorabilia auction.

Sir Garfield is a great name to have. In October 2000, Sobers' bat, which he used to hit the first professional six sixes in an over in 1968 for Nottinghamshire against Glamorgan, was sold for a record PS54,257 at an auction in Australia. Another bat, used to score a world record 365 against Pakistan in 1958, was also sold for PS47,476 at Christie's at the same time.

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50th Birthday...Fred

Rare... Action Man space capsule is valuable
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 4, 2013
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