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Byline: with Jamie Breese TV antiques and collectables expert

QI HAVE a novelty chrome pocket watch picturing Dan Dare and a space creature. It is made by Ingersoll and still has its red box. I know that The Eagle comic is quite famous still and wondered if you could value this for me? - Max Foreman, Cardiff ADAN Dare was the daring hero of The Eagle. He first appeared tagged as "the pilot of the future". Some of the toys can be worth big money - the Planet Gun, which was made from plastic and tin, can make several hundred pounds at auction. The annuals are sought after too.

Ingersoll also made watches for shows like The Lone Ranger. This pocket watch is from the early to mid-1950s and is quite rare. Dan is in a space suit, with a ray gun shooting the creature. It also has a compass. With the box, you are looking at around PS200-PS300.

QMY nan owns a Babycham ashtray and a Wade tortoise - do they have any value? - Mike Bean, Poole, Dorset ATHE tortoise opens up to become a small container - it could be a pin tray or ashtray. Wade Whimsies, the name of the collection of figurines that your piece belongs to, are some of the most popular and timeless collectables to come out of Britain. They are very popular abroad too - especially in the US.

Your piece is hard to establish size wise - there is a "jumbo" one for example, but they all date back to 1958 and the box your nan has is a good bonus too. It's worth PS25 to PS50 depending on size.

The ashtray is classic 1960s vintage Beswick - another great British pottery - and is probably the most popular Babycham collectable. It was produced in the standard Babycham blue with the familiar fawn on the topside. A dealer will sell this today for PS30-PS40.

QMY husband has a Tri-ang Rocket Launcher. He believes it could be from around 1963. Would there be any value to this? - Anne Hiscock, via email AWHAT you have there is a very nice looking Tri-ang pressed steel Junior Diesel Articulated Rocket Launcher. It is quite a rare piece and the grey/green colour is still new with RAF roundels. It has an elevating spring-loaded rocket launcher on the trailer.

One sold in lesser condition for PS150 at auction in October last year, so I would imagine this perfectly preserved toy, with it's box as you have it, could be in the PS150-PS200 territory. It's amazing to find one in such good condition.

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Cash in ash... tortoise tray

Novelty item... Dan Dare pocket watch
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jan 13, 2013
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