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QABOUT eight years ago the company I worked for handled merchandise for Warner Bros.

We had a shipment of Harry Potter goods but J K Rowling did not like the picture of Harry on them so we were told to destroy everything. Warner representatives said we could have some items, so I kept a poster and as far as I am aware about 10 others were saved.

The picture is the typical Harry Potter from the book covers and it is still in the cellophane with an indent of the picture on it. How much is it worth and where would be the best place to sell it? - Jason Marsh, Dartford, Kent


Potter is one of the most popular movies to collect. The length of the series, the popularity of the books and the vast array of merchandise makes for a collectors' dream. The more unusual items, such as yours, will certainly be more popular.

Collectors and fans love the "error' items. Your item is probably from the first movie and as such is of greater interest. If it is a genuine cinema Quad or "One Sheet" for the theatres, we could be talking hundreds of pounds here.

QMY dad has three Glenfiddich crocks (stoneware jugs) - of Robert the Bruce, Charles Edward Stuart and Mary Queen of Scots.

They are all boxed, sealed and in great condition. He would like to know if they are worth anything at all, or just junk collecting in his spare room. If they are worth anything, what is the best way to sell them? - Sarah Bell, Manchester

ATHESE are nice examples of well packaged, modern breweriana.

The three are normally sold together as a job lot at auction. Each crock is 750ml and should have its seal intact and be in a [bar]good condition box too.

Currently, a perfect set should pull in anywhere from pounds 80 to pounds 100 at auction.

If you were to sell them, that would probably be the best route.


RECENTLY acquired a Chitty Chitty Bang Bang toy car. Despite its age, it is in excellent shape and the box and details are perfect.

I am aware that many Corgi toys appear on antiques TV shows. Could this colourful car be one of them? - Alan Dresden, Hammersmith, West London

ATHE book which the famous film and now musical were based on was written by Ian Fleming, of James Bond fame.

More unusual still, the film's screenplay was written by children's author Roald Dahl.

The Corgi car tie-in is considered by many toy experts to be one of the most colourful ever made as an example of movie merchandise.

Corgi Toys made several different models, the most collectable being the die-cast example (number 266) from 1968. It featured the four main characters and yellow and red wings (which would spring out when the lever was pulled).

If your car is model 266 and is boxed and mint, you are looking at about pounds 250.


Die-cast Chitty Chitty car is worth up to pounds 250 Harry Potter is highly collectable

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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Aug 9, 2009
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