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IN A SHOCKING MOVE, ERIK "MULE" ELLINGTON HAS QUIT ZERO AGAIN to ride for the alcohol-soaked Baker Boards, This switch (coming upon the Zero video deadline) means Mule fans will have to wait even longer for his Misled Youth follow-up. The Zero team, meanwhile, is putting finishing touches on their long-awaited reprise to the seminal Misled Youth, with Matt "Mutt" Mumford leading the charge.

Also picking up the pace is neuvo-cheese-state recruit Jon Allie, whose precise flippery and easy Midwest demeanor will surely make him a favorite among Zero fans. Video coordinator Lee "Dawg" Dupont is pulling double duty, as he is not only coaching the Zero team to victory, but simultaneously pulling out all the stops for his own video part in the not-so-top-secret Chomp On This video. Other Chomp participants getting wrecked are Ty Evans, who wrenched his ankle and Reda, who took one to the coconut for the pride of New York.

New father and Clairemont OG Brandon "Lil' B." Turner has taken the plunge and gone pro for Shorty's leaving Toan, Sammy, and Jesse as the sole amateur survivors. Congrats Dadl

In fashion news, Templeton, Mims, and Smolik have been spotted skating in gloves while the Zero team, Koston, and others have been seen wearing mid-arm sweatbands. Next up: Radar O' Reilly hats and oven mitts!

Oceanside powerhouse Daxter "Dax" Lussier has parted ways with Osiris for a rumored spot on the Globe team. Dax has also penned a multiyear deal with Billabong to keep himself stylishly clothed. With Coyne kicked off and Knight still on the injured list, Dax, Louder, Pazelt, and super-am Tyler Hansen are working double-time for Maple-traveling the US in a filming frenzy.

Sessions at Long Beach's soon-to-be-famous Cherry Park are reaching a fever pitch, with pros coming from as far away as Hollywood and San Diego to sample its bountiful terrain and check the skills of its many locals including Kennedy, Lowery, Attardo, Gonzalez, Montoya, Nisbet, Moore, and others.

Vinny Vegas was let loose from the Toy Machine team approximately one month after officially being put on and is now shredding around, a free agent. In semi-related Tum Yeto news, Daniel Shimizu has been elevated to pro status at Foundation to coincide with the release of the F-Troop's new tour video, The Good Times Are Killing Me. Ed Templeton held his new art show "Situation Comedy" at the Museum for Contemporary Art and Urban History and Archaeology in Sittard, The Netherlands. Translated into Dutch, this place is known as Museum Het Domein. The Toy Machine tour was cancelled due to Ed's head trauma and a heel injury among other things like Elissa Steamer's leg problems and Brian Anderson's father passing away.

San Diego pool pros Peter Hewitt and Steve Bailey are rumored to have found themselves a bit of the good life up in Oregon with tales of beautiful girls, home-cooked meals and acres of smooth concrete. Peter is in over at Anti-Hero, too.

In other concrete happenings, new parks are sprouting all over Colorado, including a gem in Fort Collins and a-keep-your-fingers crossed-and-hope-they-don't-screw-it-up multi-million-dollar public park in downtown Denver. A new Vans park also opened; not 15 minutes outside of Boulder, and Mile High sources report a flawless clover pool and vert ramp with Mark Roth leading the Pro-Designed-encased charge.

Straight-edged wrestling fan Rob Mertz reports a myriad of new developments over at the DNA/Status headquarters, starting with the adding of Boston's Jahmal Williams to the DNA pro roster. Ricky Dixon and Aaron Yeager have skated their way onto the Status team, and strong man Rod James will be assuming the t.m. duties.

Midwest Mengele Clint Peterson has turned pro for Consolidated, and Consol ex-pats Jason Jessee and Scott Bourne are putting the final touches on their break-away board company, which is sure to include tinges of both self-deprecating humor and intimidating toughness. Andy Roy is reportedly out of jail and in the mix.

Dan "Corpsy" Drehobl has taken his smelly feet out of Emerica shoes and stuffed them, sockless, into Vans. He has also turned in his sash and will no longer be captain of Team Frontside Air.

Paul Zitzer married his special lady friend Renee this June in a celebration attended by vert skating's elite. Good luck, you two!

Comeback kid Henry "Sanch" Sanchez has quit Aesthetics and will be joining Marcus McBride to shred for the newly-arranged bearing off-shoot, Lucky boards.

Fred, the French Filmer will be returning state-side this July to begin editing on the ravenously-awaited Flip video. His part in 'the upcoming Chomp vid is reported to be 100 percent manuals.

The Enjoi team has taken off to Sweder as a warm up for their rumored Shitbag Town tour, to be covered by this mag two months from now. Does your town suck? Keep your eyes peeled for MJ!

Lethol took a lethal dose of something and died a sudden death, leaving hot shoes Justin Reynolds and Marcus Bandy high and dry. Companies looking to dump their dead weight in exchange for some rippers should give these dudes a call.

What the hell shoes is Arto wearing? Those don't look like Kostons!

RIP--Surfing's favorite son Jay Moriarity, Santa Cruz, CA, killed the day before his 23rd birthday in June while diving in the Maldives. The youngest to ever surf NorCal's Maverick's at the age of 15; those in the know remember 12.19.1994, when Jay fell freely from the top of a 40-foot-May wave and disappeared to the ocean's bottom. Twenty seconds went by before he surfaced from the 50-degree Pacific unscathed--Jay kept surfing for the rest of the day.

Tempers are getting short at Skateboarder and their parent title Surfer magazine, as they both are openly being shopped around. Will they be surprised if archrival Primedia ends up owning them as widely rumored? Will Primedia honcho Peter Townend name his son as editor of the skate title? No, that would make too much sense. Besides, Tosh only wants to skate.

Steve Caballero is training for the Supercross finals in Anaheim, where he will compete in the celebrity class. He's been pulling 40-foot jumps over tabletops with Fox and Dunlop Tires as his two newest sponsors. Cab's current ride is a 2001 Yamaha YZ125. Wade Speyer and Nathan Fletcher have both been mentioned as entrants.

Rock femme fatale Pamela Des Barres has been seen in the company of Steve Olson. The aitist formerly known as Bulky just sold another piece to the actor Bruce Willis.

Andy Mac, who once dressed up as Shamu the Killer Whale at Sea World for a gig and lately has been promoting Lego building blocks at Legoland, seems to be on the verge of a TV career as well. These days MacDonald can be seen appearing on Nickelodeon's GAS (Games and Sports for Kids), Nick's Slime Time Live, and Teen Nick. Some may remember that the last time Nickelodeon paid attention to skateboarding they did a show called SK8 TV Ironically, Matthew Lynn (who was the host of that show) changed his name and attempted to forge a new identity for himself; Matthew later was exposed in the degenerate John Waters' film Serial Mom, starring opposite' of Kathleen Turner. Maybe Andy is next in line.

It only took one-and-a-half years to "replace" Ghetto Jay Strickland, but none the less Birdhouse appointed Billy Tinnell as its new team manager. Tinnell is already making an impact, with moves such as acquiring Joey Poiriez from Solana Beach for the team. Joey-the House's first am in over two years-will definitely shake things up.

Great fear can be generated by viewing filmmaker Bruce Brown's piece entitled America's Newest Sport on the AMC network This oddity depicts Hobie Vita Pact Super Surfer Team members Danny Bearer, the Hilton brothers, George Trafton, John Freis, and Torger Johnson. What's scary here is that the team disbanded over 25 years ago. Is that what the American Movie Channel considers new? Is there no end to the corporate whoring and huxterism?

Despite high ratings, the powers that be at MTV cancelled Jackass. What will this mean for the crew? Barn Margera, who has been known to refer to the now dead show as "CKY Lite," will lunge ahead with the next CKY offering. This is scheduled to premiere in Philadelphia and is rumored to be possibly distributed by Universal. Spike Jonze is off directing The Orchid Thief Johnny Knoxville is set to appear in Men In Black 2. Wee Man is rumored to be in demand as a men's fashion model. Several' NY designers are said to be desirous of his services.

Skate-sexploitation at its pinkest can be viewed in Playboy's July 2001 pictorial that depicts Playmate Kimberly Stanfield with her arsenal of skate and surf boards. (Do not attempt to purchase this if you are under 18. Ask your mom to pull it up on the internet so you can see it for free and have quality family time, too.)

Andrew Reynolds, Jay Strickland, Greco and Maldonado have had several executive meetings as of late regarding the next Baker tour, What's the hold up? Are they picking out optimum dates? No, the discussions are whether the tour should center around skating or partying. The biggest decision of all is who will be responsible for totaling up the damages caused.

Who qualifies for a, "Club Tony Hawk Gold Card?"

"The skateboard is here to stay. It will take its place in the toy box along side of the football and the baseball bat."

Bruce Brown

"I don't know who you are. My friend told me to come up and ask for your autograph."

Tony Hawk

"Be like water."

Steve Caballero
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