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Telecom pioneers TransMedia Communications and DGM&S Telecom (Nasdaq:CMVT) have announced a partnership to provide new distributed, carrier-grade signaling capabilities that will advance intelligent applications for voice, data and mobility communications services and customer-activated Internet applications, while integrating carriers' existing Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) customer applications, such as billing, 800 and 900 number services, and local number portability. DGM&S Telecom, a supplier of Signaling System 7 (SS7) carrier signaling products, and TransMedia Communications, who launched a new-generation multimedia carrier switch to wide industry acclaim, will jointly develop advanced, distributed call processing technology and open application programming interfaces (APIs) as part of the strategic partnership. The new developments are part of a larger Virtual Service Node framework that can be leveraged by a broad group of applications developers to develop new multimedia applications and by carriers to deliver a wider set of differentiated, multimedia services. TransMedia and DGM&S Telecom will take advantage of the emerging Internet Protocol Device Control (IPDC) and Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP) standards, and Parlay API industry consortium work by DGM&S Telecom, Microsoft (Nasdaq:MSFT), British Telecom (NYSE:BTY), Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT) and Siemens (OTC BB foreign:SMAWY), in developing the new capabilities. "Today, to turn on a new service, carriers have to dedicate proprietary telecom equipment in each city, and usually the equipment isn't multimedia capable. To add new types of services, they're reliant on software written for that sole vendor's platform, which hampers their time-to-market objectives," said Gwong-Yih Lee, TransMedia Communications founder and CEO. "We're excited to be working with DGM&S Telecom to stimulate new services development, opening up call feature development to a range of new applications and developers, such as Microsoft and Java developers, and enabling carriers to offer new revenue-producing multimedia services." Said DGM&S Telecom president and CEO, Shawn Osborne, "We are pleased to be working with TransMedia to develop new call-processing technologies. "TransMedia's expertise in multimedia switching and call processing -- combined with our robust, high-performance SignalWare software and active participation in the advancement of standards-based APIs -- will allow us to create a platform that has the capacity to stay ahead of the accelerating pace of developments as the public telephone networks and the Internet converge." Said Hilary Mine, executive vice president at Probe Research, "In today's increasingly competitive services market, any service provider that faces competition, be it emerging or incumbent, is anxious to differentiate. "With their open standards-based partnership, TransMedia and DGM&S Telecom are realizing the dream that intelligent networks once promised, and that service providers have pushed for so long -- the ability to rapidly and cheaply develop and deploy revenue-generating services. Equally important, they are sharply cutting the cost of being wrong, thereby reducing the risk associated with bringing new services to market." New Distributed SS7 Capabilities and Open APIs The new distributed, standards-based SS7 platform technology and open APIs will address SS7 signaling termination, call control, call routing, platform control, new and existing feature applications and development. Terms of the partnership call for TransMedia and DGM&S Telecom to tightly integrate the new call-processing technology, TransMedia's current SS7 call server capabilities and MMS-1600 carrier switch, and DGM&S Telecom's SignalWare software and signaling gateway. Initial development in these areas has already begun, and will be part of the TransMedia MMS-1600 trials slated to begin this quarter. About DGM&S Telecom DGMS Telecom, with headquarters in Mount Laurel, N.J., is a supplier of open, high performance, fault resilient Signaling System Number 7 telecommunications software and hardware, known as SignalWare. SignalWare products enable Intelligent Network (IN) applications for voice, data and mobility communications services. DGM&S Telecom is a wholly owned subsidiary of Comverse Technology, Inc. For more information about DGM&S Telecom, visit About TransMedia TransMedia Communications is delivering a new-generation "media-aware" switch that gives carriers a new edge -- bridging the gap between high-performance Internet/packet (IP/ATM) network and traditional public network communications to provide lower cost services and enable high-impact customer services. TransMedia's intelligent MMS-1600 system provides a flexible, risk-free evolution to new technologies while defining "carrier-class" reliability and management in the new-world carrier network. The company is backed by leading investment firms Venrock Associates and Brentwood Venture Capital, and has brought together top talent from Nortel Networks/Bay Networks (NYSE:BAY), Cisco (Nasdaq:CSCO), 3Com (Nasdaq:COMS), Trillium, Alteon Networks and Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE:AMD). For more information, call 408/363-8988.
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