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Following the history of the Monarch tractor line is a notoriously difficult undertaking. An article titled "Monarch Light-foot and Neverslip" in the May 1919 edition of Tractor and Gas Engine Review is one of few reliable sources on the Monarch Tractor Co. Though the article does not specifically refer to the Monarch 6-Ton tractor, which later became the Allis-Chalmers Monarch 50, it does give basic information:

"This tractor is of the flat-wheel or creeper-type and lays its own track over sand, mud, freshly plowed soil, swamps or any sort of footing that might be difficult for a round wheel type of tractor to work on. The weight of the tractor is distributed over this long wide surface so that the tractor does not bed down in soft soil. The pressure on any one part of the driving surface of the creeper is less than the pressure of a man walking and far less than that of a horse's hoof.

"It is claimed by the makers of the Monarch that the creeper type of drive makes it possible for all the power delivered through the transmission to the driving wheels to be utilized in doing useful work, there being no loss through slippage. The drive wheels ride like gears in the creeper belt. They cannot slip, regardless of where you are driving the tractor, for they always are riding over a perfect roadbed.

"Ease of operation is one of the big claims made for the Monarch tractors. This tractor will turn around in its own length and turn much more quickly than it is possible to turn a team of horses. The steering is by means of an automobile-type steering wheel and the mechanism is so constructed that the tractor responds readily under the handling of the operator.

"All Monarch tractors are designed to burn kerosene. They are equipped with a combination carburetor and governor control. The usual practice is followed by heating up the motor on gasoline and, when thoroughly heated, shifting over to the kerosene fuel. It is necessary in all gasoline-kerosene burning engines to be sure that the motor is good and hot before switching to kerosene. Otherwise the kerosene will not be burned satisfactorily.

"The motor used is of heavy duty, slow-speed type. Three piston rings are used on each piston. The combination of gasoline and kerosene carburetor is provided and the governor is flyball sensitive control. A combination of splash and pump lubrication is used, which provides an efficient lubrication to all parts. The ignition is high-tension magneto with impulse starter. No batteries are necessary for starting. The cooling system makes use of a circulating water pump and a Perfex bronze radiator.

"The transmission gears are enclosed in dust-proof case and running oil. The gears are cut steel and hardened. The transmission throughout is equipped with high-grade anti-friction bearings. This eliminates much of the care and attention required by the ordinary old type of plain bearings. It does away with the rebabbitting and refitting of boxes. It is the boast of the Monarch people that Neverslip tractors are built from the very best material, with high-grade workmanship throughout, with heavy bronze bearings and the best type of anti-friction roller and ball bearings wherever required, with proper lubrication protected against dirt, grit, sand and dust.

Monarch Tractor Co. of Watertown, Wisconsin, changed its name to General Tractors, Inc., in 1920, and at some point moved to Springfield, Illinois, though it's unclear when, and doubtless changed its name back to Monarch Tractor Co., before it was purchased by J.I. Case Co. in 1928.
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Author:Vossler, Bill
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Date:Aug 1, 2018
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