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TPE/EPDM injection press. (Equipment).

The company's E-Type System is said to be the most precise and repeatable injection system available. The design features a separate dosing extruder, dosing an injection ram through the nozzle. Benefits are said to include proportional speed control on the extruder to assure no shot overrun; independent temperature control on the extruder and the ram; no check valves to allow rubber bleed by during the injection process; and no extended nozzle, assuring complete evacuation of all rubber during the injection cycle. Testing has shown that the end result is even more superior than a part molded on a standard reciprocating screw TPE press, according to the manufacturer. Independent studies are said to show a far superior bond between joints because of the precise shot and cavity pressure control. This press comes supplied with both heater bands and water jacket on the extruder section of the injection unit and heater bands only on the inject ram section. If ordered for both rubber and TPE, the extruder will have two feed zones, one for granulated TPE fed from the supplied hopper and one for the rubber strip. To change from TPE to rubber, users will select this on the interface, turn off the heater bands, turn on the water temperature unit for the extruder, shut off the hopper feed, begin the strip feed, purge out, turn on the platen heat and the system will be ready. This machine can be supplied from 25 cc maximum shot to 2,000 cc maximum shot. (LWB Sales and Service, 730 Plum Industrial Ct., Pittsburgh, PA 15239)

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Date:Mar 22, 2002
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