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 TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The prices of '94-model Toyota cars and trucks will increase an average of 3.9 percent or $601, compared to comparably equipped '93 models, Toyota Motor Sales (TMS) U.S.A. Inc. announced today.
 "When compared on a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) basis, our '94-model cars and trucks will cost an average of 6.2 percent more than the final '93-model average," said TMS Group Vice President and Toyota Division General Manager Dave Illingworth. "This is higher than our usual new-model increase," he added, "but there are reasons for it."
 The larger-than-normal Toyota price increase is driven primarily by the appreciation of the yen and new safety and emission demands that have significantly increased Toyota's cost of research, development and manufacturing. Illingworth noted, however, that the effect of the yen has been somewhat moderated by the flat or falling cost of certain key raw materials that are purchased with dollars, by stringent cost-cutting activities within Toyota and at its suppliers, and by the insulation provided by growing North American component sourcing and production of Toyota vehicles (now at 46 percent of U.S. sales and climbing).
 "While the yen's dramatic appreciation is a major reason for our price increase, it coincides with our stepped-up effort to meet consumer desires and government requirements for even cleaner, safer vehicles," said Illingworth.
 Driver- and passenger-side air bags will be standard on all '94 Camry, Corolla, Celica, Previa, Supra and MR2 models -- four years prior to the federal requirement. The T100 intermediate-size pickup will be one of the first trucks in America to offer a standard driver-side air bag. All Toyota trucks and multipurpose vehicles will incorporate side- impact protection one year prior to the federal requirement. Camry sedans and wagons will incorporate even more sophisticated side-impact protection meeting the '97-model passenger-car requirement. And all '94 Toyota cars, vans and Land Cruisers will come standard with front- and rear-seat outboard passenger seatbelts with a new Automatic Locking Restraint (ALR) feature that will make it possible to more safely secure a child seat without using a seatbelt locking clip.
 Toyota also will incorporate new chloroflurocarbon (CFC)-free air conditioning systems into all '94-model cars and trucks -- two years in advance of the requirement.
 And finally, all '94-model Toyota vehicles will incorporate new emissions equipment enabling them to meet stringent new '94 requirements. Several models will include equipment required to meet even stricter emission standards taking effect in future model years.
 "We believe the combination of these safety and emission improvements with Toyota's league-leading quality provide the best definition of value in the marketplace," said Illingworth.
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Date:Sep 2, 1993

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