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TOW 2 missile system ... are you an adapter?

TOW and Bradley TOW units that don't use the 2W1 cable adapter are guaranteed to be making large withdrawals from their bank account.

The adapter, NSN 5935-01-117-3304, fits on both the 2W1 cable that goes to the MGS and on the MGS connector itself. When adapters are installed on both the 2W1 cable and the MGS connectors, neither connector can be damaged by a TOWster jamming the 2W1 on the MGS. What does that save a TOW unit? A 2W1 cable costs around $1,400. An MGS interface board goes for about $2,000. The adapter costs $103.

If you're not that worried about money, then think mission. If the 2W1 or MGS is knocked out, so is TOW firing.

So before you leave the motor pool, make sure all your unit's, 2W1 cables have the adapter lockwired on. And make sure adapters are installed on the MGSs too. Since the adapters will disappear over time, it's a good idea to order backups.

Help the adapters last by remembering that when the 2W1 connector is aligned correctly with the MGS connector it slides into place easily. The yellow guide lines on both connectors are only' rough guides. After you match up the guide lines, you must twist the cable connector until you feel it snap in place. Then push the connector down to lock it on. If you have to force the cable connector down, you don't have it aligned.

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