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TORY LIES WILL KILL OUR NHS; ELECTION 2015; Grassroots back health charge.

Byline: JASON BEATTIE Political Editor

THE "real face" of the Tory Party is revealed today by a poll showing broad grassroots support for NHS privatisation and charging.

The damning survey found one in three councillors wants a bigger role for private firms in the health service.

And many of the Tory bigwigs said patients should pay to see a GP and even to attend A&E.

Labour's Shadow Health Secretary Andy Burnham will say the responses show the "real face of the Tory Party".

And Ed Miliband will warn David Cameron's plans pose a "double danger" of cuts and privatisation within the health service.

In a speech to the Scottish TUC today, the Labour leader will say: "The Tory plans on the NHS are a double deceit. They are not being straight about their extreme plans to double the cuts to public services next year.


"And they are not being straight when they promise to protect the NHS, but cannot say where a penny of additional money will come from.

"This double deceit is a double danger to the NHS. They have extreme spending plans and they can't tell us where the money is coming from."

The survey of 115 Tory councillors in England found 36 voiced support for charging and privatisation.

Of these, 26 supported charges for NHS services, 12 supported increased use of the private sector and six wanted to make cuts to the health service.

They were answering emails from Labour students about their views on the NHS. Each email clearly stated they were a Labour member or supporter.

John Baverstock, a Tory councillor for South Hams Council, Devon, wrote: "The NHS should work more closely with certain private sectors, especially the caring industry.

"The improved liaison would mean less patients occupying hospital beds.

Yes. A PS10 charge to all except certain benefit recipients, children and those over 75."

Meanwhile Tory councillor Kit Owen, of Fenland District Council, Cambs, replied: "I have never seen problem with those who can, paying more, or consideration given to a universal charge to attend a GP appointment me co Dat or even one at A&E."

And Edward Horsfall, a councillor for Cotswold District Council, wrote: "As a Conservative I believe in the NHS - it will need extra funds but from where? I do not know.

"I believe the private sector can and should have a role in the NHS." The h Tory councillor added: "Yes, to be honest I think we are approaching the point where the NHS may have to charge for some services."

Launching Labour's NHS Week, Mr Burnham will add that the responses show the Tories "have let the cat out of the bag - five more years of David Cameron means more NHS privatisation and charging".

And Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls will blast the Tories for "billions of pounds of unfunded commitments", claiming: "These unfunded promises will come before the NHS in the queue."


1in3 Tory councillors want private firms to have a bigger role in the NHS


A&E Some Tories polled backed fee

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 20, 2015
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