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TORNADO TERROR; 10 are killed by horror storm.

Byline: Janice Burns

RESCUERS searched collapsed homes and buildings for survivors yesterday after a tornado tore through Mississippi.

At least 10 people - three ofthemchildren-werekilled when the mile-wide twister struck.

Hundreds were injured and made homeless.

It is feared many more victims could be trapped in the debris.

Four people were killed in Yazoo County. One died in neighbouring Holmes County.

Further north-east, five victims, including a three-month-old baby, a nine-year-old and a 14-year-old were reported dead in Choctaw County.

Yazoo County governor Haely Barbour said there was "utter obliteration".

Bodies He added: "This tornado was enormous."

Yazoo County coroner Ricky Shivers was in his truck when it was flipped over four times in 150mph winds.

Shivers went to the hospital to have bruised ribs and cuts treated, then went out to help identify bodies in his hospital gown.

Josiah Moton, 31, and his girlfriend Morgan Hayden, 27, were in their Yazoo County home when the sky darkened.

They huddled in a bath and escaped injury. But the entire house was reduced to rubble.

Hayden said: "Someone else's kitchen sink is where our kitchen used to be." Dale Thrasher was painting the walls of his local church in Yazoo City when the tornado landed.

Thrasher said: "I went into the sanctuary and got under the pulpit table and the whole building fell around me."

The building collapsed but Thrasher was unhurt.

He added: "Three little scratches - the Lord blessed me."

In Choctaw County, grocer Ron Sullivan was on the phone to weather forecasters when the line went dead and he was lifted off his feet.

He said: "I was levitated and flew 15 feet to the back wall. The only reason I wasn't killed was the wall was still there. After I hit it, it collapsed."

Choctaw County sheriff's deputy Johnny Ellington said the storm left a swath of destruction about 10 miles long in that area alone.

Weathermen said it was too soon to tell whether a single tornado, or multiple shorter ones, caused the arc of death on Saturday.

Tornadoes were also reported in Louisiana, Arkansas and Alabama.

The bad weather tracked north-eastwards yesterday, with winds downing trees in Georgia.


ESCAPE: Thrasher WRECKED: Homes in ruins. Inset, a dog is plucked from rubble
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Date:Apr 26, 2010
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