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Byline: Richard Stott

IT'S that time of year again when those with nothing better to do produce lists and silly surveys. As the Conservatives have no policies to push, they've had more time than most to produce a list.

But, like Desert Island Discs, their list of 12 great people who should be studied in schools reveals more about the subject than was intended.

The Tory list only finds room for one Tory, Sir Robert Peel. A study of his life reveals some interesting facts about the morality of the Conservative Party. Peel repealed the Corn Laws - which meant cheaper food for the poor - but he was brought down by a vicious attack from another Tory, Benjamin Disraeli.

Disraeli told the Commons a bare-faced lie when Peel pointed out he had begged him for a Government job. He denied it but, too much a gentleman, Peel refused to produce the letter in his pocket which proved it. If he had done so, Disraeli's career would have been over. Instead a man prepared to tell lies to further his own career went on to become Prime Minister.

Dodgy Dave Cameron's mates ignore Peel. But miss no opportunity to compare him to Disraeli. Hmmm... interesting.

SILLY survey. Only six per cent of people can sing the whole of Auld Lang Syne, sample verse: "And surely you'll be your pint stowp, And surely I'll be mine, And we'll drink a richt guid willy waught, For auld lang syne." Six per cent seems rather high.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 31, 2006
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