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Fury over Tory plan to 'give bankers BIGGER bonuses' chancellor lines up bonanza for fatcats Anger as No11 could scrap cap on millionaire pay. Sep 16, 2022 532
FREEZE BILL BILLS NOW; EXCLUSIVE NEW PM WARNED THERE ISN'T A MINUTE TO WASTE Truss urged to act at once as e millions face months of winter misery with sky-rocketing fuel prices. Sep 6, 2022 865
Truss's defence pledge blasted; Figures are questioned. Sep 3, 2022 251
300k STUCK WAITING FOR PIP SUPPORT; Payments worth PS294m being held up. Sep 3, 2022 267
POLL BLOWS HOLE IN INDYREF2 PLAN; bad news for sturgeon Majority of Scots reject next election as indy referendum. Aug 26, 2022 354
Truss issues; 6 in 10 scots don't rate tory liz Favourite to become leader of party is more unpopular north of Border than her rival. Aug 20, 2022 307
MP: Waive recovery of DWP overpayments. Jul 22, 2022 198
PM SAYS WAIT.. AS PEOPLE GO HUNGRY; Johnson insists windfall tax isn't way to tackle costs crisis. May 24, 2022 365
Are you for rail? MINISTER'S 'DESPERATE SPIN' Lochhead is slammed after trying to distance SNP Government from chaos on nationalised network. May 23, 2022 335
Sunak will reconsider windfall tax on oil firms. May 13, 2022 212
38 BILLS ..BUT NOTHING TO HELP US ALL PAY THE BILLS; OPPONENTS HIGHLIGHT FAILURES OF JOHNSON's agenda Tories slated for Queen's Speech that doesn't tackle cost-of-living crisis. May 11, 2022 1286
TAKING US ALL FOR FUELS; Angry demands for windfall tax on energy giants as BP bags PS5billion profits in 3 months - PS640 a second. May 4, 2022 1130
Panic & Outrage; PASSENGERS' FEAR AFTER FERRY MAYDAY CALL Unions say firm should lose licence to sail. Apr 27, 2022 606
ALL SYSTEMS GO; BLACKFORD SAYS INDYREF2 ON SCHEDULE He vows to scrap nukes despite new threat from Russia. Apr 25, 2022 429
IT'S A MATTER OF WHEN, NOT IF, PM; PREMIER'S PARTYGATE PERIL Tory MP's warning as Johnson remains defiant. Apr 23, 2022 696
40% of us in fuel poverty by the winter; Energy chiefs warn government to step in as crisis looms. Apr 20, 2022 407
P&O BOSS Sackings did break law and I'd do it again; FERRY CHIEF IN SHOCK ADMISSION TO MPS New workers paid less than UK minimum. Mar 25, 2022 590
IS THAT REALLY IT? SPRING STATEMENT OPPOSITION IN BLAST AT TORY MINI-Budget >>>> Sunak slammed for failing to tackle the biggest fall in living standards since World War II >>>> Fuel duty cut and NI threshold change not enough to stop millions falling into poverty. Mar 24, 2022 1078
free kicks; WORLD CUP BID WILL BE ON TERRESTRIAL TV Sky's pledge.. if we can beat Ukraine in semi. Mar 15, 2022 361
READY TO HELP; WAR IN UKRAINE: FAMILIES DASH TO HOME refugees Gove 'to work with Sturgeon on super-sponsor plan' First Minister calls for clarity over bid to open Scotland.'s doors. Mar 15, 2022 1103
We'll take every last one; WAR IN UKRAINE: NIC'S VOW TO WELCOME REFUGEES Scotland to let in 3000 and worry about the admin later. Mar 14, 2022 478
BREXIT A 'TOTAL DISASTER'. Feb 18, 2022 189
.. and then he announces end to English Covid curbs in bid to save his skin. Feb 10, 2022 313
HAMMER BLOW; POVERTY CAMPAIGNERS HIT OUT AT CHANCELLOR'S RESCUE PACKAGE Tories' paltry PS200 ENERGY bill discount leaves 500k Scots cutting back on food Campaigners slam scheme as buy now pay later fix that won't solve long-term issues. Feb 4, 2022 1544
MASKS IN SCHOOLS TO REMAIN; Face coverings stay as other curbs ease >>>>Testing rules for foreign travel relaxe. Feb 2, 2022 1039
MURKIER BY THE MINUTE; FIRST MINISTER QUESTIONS MET MOVE Sturgeon hits out at partygate shambles as police tell Sue Gray not to reveal details. Jan 29, 2022 509
banks leave town; Half of branches lost forcing 200-mile cash trips. Jan 18, 2022 222
Bring your own booze to No10 party; Bombshell email reveals 100 staff invited to bash.. and PM attended. Jan 11, 2022 527
Working families are picking up the tab for PM's incompetence; RAYNER RIPS INTO UK LEADER Opposition goes on attack over rising costs. Jan 6, 2022 573
IT LOCKS I OCKS INEVITABLE; Circuit-breaker lockdown appears increasingly likely as Omicron rampages through UK population, say experts. Dec 20, 2021 762
SCARY CHRISTMAS; Scots hit by massive spending squeeze as inflation tops 5% .. the highest in a decade. Dec 16, 2021 853
'Disastrous' BoJo must be reined in; SNP claim censure bid needed to hold 'out of depth' PM to account. Nov 29, 2021 529
BoJo's bridge would've cost PS335BILLION; Crossing 16 times more expensive than estimate. Nov 27, 2021 404
I have no intention of defecting to Alba; MP'S VOW AFTER SALMOND SNAP SNP's Cherry denies switch rumour after posing with rival party leader. Nov 25, 2021 328
UK raises threat of a fishing war. Oct 30, 2021 290
THE RICH GET RISHI; Boost for champagne, bankers & cheap flights >> Millions on Universal Credit will be hammered. Oct 28, 2021 1320
Escape from hell; AFGHAN FAMILY FINALLY MAKE IT TO SAFETY IN SCOTLAND Sisters tell of ordeal after missing last flight out of Kabul.. then being flown to Lewis after plea by Scottish aid charity. Oct 27, 2021 633
BARE MINIMUM; CRUMBS FROM TORY CHANCELLOR Labour and unions rip into Sunak's 'underwhelming' 59p increase for low-paid workers who face perfect storm of financial pressures. Oct 26, 2021 558
Tory donor takes his seat at the trough. Oct 15, 2021 206
PM 'can't be trusted to keep to trade deals' BOJO 'DIDN'T UNDERSTAND AGREEMENT' Varadkar hits out at Johnson over Brexit. Oct 14, 2021 374
Stop talking start doing something; CHARLES'S MESSAGE TO WORLD LEADERS.. Prince warns failure to take action will be 'catastrophic'. Oct 12, 2021 382
Sunak listed M.I.A. during energy crisis; chancellor ducks big decisions Reeves' blast as she calls for industry help. Oct 12, 2021 348
Are you joking? BY TORCUIL CRICHTON Westminster Editor PRIME Minister Boris Johnson reached for the joke book as he delivered a lightweight speech; >>>> UC cuts hit, prices surge & Christmas is threatened >>>> But Johnson's speech is vapid, gag-filled insult to those his policies hurt. Oct 7, 2021 777
YOU CAN RUN .. BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE; PM ACCUSED OF CAUSING G A ' PERFECT STORM' OF CUTS BoJo trots out soundbites and offers cold comfort for Xmas. Oct 4, 2021 770
Hammered by the Tories; TRIPLE WHAMMY LEAVES POOREST OUT IN THE COLD. Oct 1, 2021 848
"get serious; LABOUR CONFERENCE AT Brighton >> Starmer claims Labour can win and transform and unify the country >> He attacks SNP's record and backs Union but does not rule out Nat deal >> He bites back at Corbynistas during address. Conference news Sep 30, 2021 907
LABOUR'S NEW DEAL FOR WORK; we will end poverty pay Immediate increase to minimum wage vow Party'sproposalsare branded a 'game changer'. Sep 25, 2021 450
Johnson dumps failures.. then appoints more; truss the big winner as raab is demoted. Sep 16, 2021 434
Nats clash with Javid over approval claim on Livi factory VACCINE. Sep 15, 2021 292
Give jabs to kids aged 12-15; UK's four medical officers agree vaccination should be offered to 3million kids to prevent education from being disrupted but insist it's not compulsory. Sep 14, 2021 708
No surprise PM has axed vaccine passports plan; Scottish football chief tells of his concerns. Sep 13, 2021 425
INDY WILL BE 'HARD WORK' Adviser warns of 'effort' in leaving UK. Sep 13, 2021 421
Labour top in the polls after Tories ramp up tax; broken vows rebound on bojo Starmer floats a wealth tax to address crisis. Sep 11, 2021 540
NI tax hike 'is just Tory Austerity 2.0' rival parties blast johnson move Blackford says working people will suffer. Sep 9, 2021 482
PM is blasted for calling NI tax raid a Union dividend; Blackford SLAMS HIKE Johnson pledges PS1.1bn for Scots. Sep 8, 2021 430
Sturgeon axed police chief over double death; House 'effectively sacked' after crash couple lay at side of M9 for three days. Aug 31, 2021 319
WOEFULLY OEFULLY INADEQUATE; THE FALL OF KABUL BOJO IS SLATED OVER 'UNFORGIVEABLE FAILURE' Prime Minister's day of shame as he tries to waffle his way out of the blame >>>>Sturgeon demands he resettles more than 5000 Afghan refugees this year. Aug 19, 2021 724
salmond blogger hands himself in; ex-diplomat starts 8-month jail term Ex-FM's trial coverage led to contempt of court conviction. Aug 2, 2021 335
THINK AGAIN; BLUNT MESSAGE FOR RISHI SUNAK Campaigners and politicians urge Chancellor not to scrap PS20 Universal Credit increase. Jul 29, 2021 796
Labour's worker rights campaign; gig economy vow Party pledges to end insecure employment conditions for millions of British employees. Jul 27, 2021 391
PLOT TO OUST BORIS AS PM; CUMMINGS REVEALS SECRETS OF NO10 I 0 IN ASTONISHING BATTLE FOR POWER Johnson's former right-hand man tried to get him replaced after election as he was 'not the right man to be running the country.". Jul 21, 2021 987
Great Wall of Gretna; Tory MP warns of border chaos if Scots back indy. Jul 15, 2021 203
GOVE & WIFE SARAH SPLIT AFTER 20yrs; Couple's 'priority' is children after 'amicable' separation. Jul 3, 2021 248
DWP snatches PS15m a month from poorest households; EXCLUSIVE MP anger as cash grab leaves families struggling. Jun 23, 2021 446
Indy is 'the only way to tackle inequality' Nats claim Scotland can bridge gap in fs uture. Jun 21, 2021 358
cheers, joe; US lifts 25% Scotch whisky tariff for five years after trade truce with Europe. Jun 17, 2021 334
Hancock ock is totally hopeless; CUMMINGS' LATEST BOMBSHELL Ex-aide claims PM gave scathing verdict on Health Secretary. Jun 17, 2021 587
Tories kept us in dark over Aussie trade deal; snp calls foul over secrecy Farmers thrown under Brexit bus claim. Jun 16, 2021 573
Fears over Jobcentre outbreak. Jun 10, 2021 208
Don't imperil NI peace process; BIDEN WARNS PRIME MINISTER: US President orders UK and EU to keep to their post-Brexit Protocol. Jun 10, 2021 387
Cummings and Gove lined pals' pockets in contract scandal; Judge rules that Cabinet Minister broke the law. Jun 10, 2021 363
I'll keep sending ending in deportation teams; PITILESS PATEL DISMISSES SCOTS' DISGUST AT BRUTAL POLICY Tory Home Secretary vows to press on with hated dawn raids despite mass demo. May 24, 2021 678
RESPECT THE WILL OF SCOTS; ELECTION RESULT IS NOW 'CAST-IRON MANDATE' FOR REFERENDUM Blackford tells Boris Johnson he must not stand in the way of IndyRef2. May 12, 2021 538
GUNBOAT DIPLOMACY; JOHNSON'S MOTIVES TAKE A POUNDING PM accused of escalating Jersey fishing protest by sending in the Navy as way of boosting support for Tories in English elections. May 7, 2021 570
There's one rule for those with the PM's number and another for everybody else; JOHNSON DEFIANT OVER TORY SLEAZE whose firm is now based in Singapore, wrote to the Treasury Labour leader hits out over Dyson tax texts. Apr 22, 2021 558
HANCOCK'S FIRM WON CONTRACTS FROM THE NHS; ANOTHER TORY SLEAZE SCANDAL Claims Health Secretary has breached ministerial code over company's deals. Apr 17, 2021 434
NO TO FREE COVID TESTS TWICE A WEEK; PM: No plan for passports to go to pub or shops and foreign travel decision on hold Scots Government will not roll out Johnson's mass virus testing plan for England. Apr 6, 2021 607
Only Boris is less trustworthy than 'two-jobs' Ross; Bumbling Scottish Tory gets campaign off to nightmare start ELECTION 2021.AND THEY'RE OFF. Mar 26, 2021 851
Sturgeon 'knew of Salmond claims as early as February' EX-MINISTER'S SHOCK ALLEGATION Davis tells House of Commons he has seen cache of emails & texts. Mar 17, 2021 406
Trident plans blasted as 'abhorrent'. Mar 17, 2021 234
Sturgeon 'aware' of chief whip concerns; TORY BLAST AT FM OVER JUDGMENT Pressure grows over MP sexual harassment case. Mar 16, 2021 330
R ight on track for a summer of staycations; STURGEON PRAISES PROGRESS FM says country 'heading in right direction' and Hancock promises holidays as infection rate falls. Mar 5, 2021 615
THE OLD-BOYS BUDGET TROUGH LUCK; Sunak accused of pork barrel politics as Tory seats get extra funding while more deprived areas miss out. Mar 5, 2021 420
Meat of speech will be thin gruel to most. Mar 4, 2021 221
Give hairdressers' VAT bills the chop. Mar 3, 2021 379
What's flashy Rishi got in his red box? 'HONEST & FAIR' BUDGET PREDICTION Sunak drops hints in promotional video about his plan for Britain's economic recovery from coronavirus pandemic. Mar 2, 2021 1021
Tories 'in denial' over the scale of Brexit fish woes; INDUSTRY CHIEFS SLAM GOVERNMENT Issues 'not teething problems'. Feb 5, 2021 354
Cherry blasts 'lies & smears' in Nats spat; MP attacks colleagues as bitter split grows. Feb 3, 2021 374
Completely irr ely irrelevant; BOJO SLAMMED FOR LOCKDOWN P N PROPAGANDA VISIT >>>> Under-fire Prime Minister says Sturgeon's 'endless talk' of independence referendum is of 'no concern' to Scots >>>> Johnson is slammed for making non-essential trip to Scotland for a photo-op to bolster support for union. Jan 29, 2021 927
Scrapping extra PS20 for families is 'indefensible' benefits bombshell Tories under pressure after Commons vote. Jan 19, 2021 416
PM HINT ON PS23m PACKAGE OF COMPO. Jan 19, 2021 347
Clam up you clowns; ANGER IN COMMONS OVER FISHERIES CRISIS Floundering Tories try to shrug off Scottish seafood industry's struggles with Brexit red tape. Jan 15, 2021 421
FLEETS LOSING MIPSPSION A WEEK; Fury over Brexit red tape. Jan 14, 2021 265
CLASS DISMISSED; Sturgeon recalls Parliament over plans to keep schools shut. Jan 4, 2021 1263
PM Major blocked Dunblane parents' bid for a gun ban; Anguished appeal fell on deaf ears. Dec 30, 2020 1171
COD'S 'S WALLOP; FURY AT BORIS' BREXIT BETRAYAL Fishing industry accuses BoJo of trade deal sell-out. Dec 26, 2020 1366

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