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 LAS VEGAS, Nov. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Simon, the first of a new generation of personal communication service products, designed by IBM and marketed by BellSouth Cellular Corp., captured the "Best of Show" award in Las Vegas yesterday.
 "Simon is a cellular phone that provides send/receive fax and paging functions along with a good set of desktop organizer software. Because it integrates phone, fax, and paging function so well its software, Simon is indispensable for mobile communications. And, BYTE thinks communications is what portability is all about," said Dennis Allen, BYTE editor-in-chief.
 Top honors in the coveted MOST SIGNIFICANT TECHNOLOGY award went to the P1394 High Performance Serial Bus, a new technology that BYTE feels will have profound effect on the design of computers and peripherals, and even on intelligent, non-computing devices such as home electronics and industrial equipment. The product uses low-cost cabling and simple connectors and works across the whole range of computer platforms. The award went to Apple Computer which led the development effort and whose Firewire implementation of P1394 is the basis for products now coming to market. Texas instruments was also recognized for being the first company to deliver Firewire silicon. Other companies involved in P1394 are Adaptec, Maxtor, NCR and Western Digital. Finalists in the category include Micropol by VRex, a practical 3-D display technology, and Raven by Intergraph, a hardware/software combination designed to bring high- speed audio and video capabilities to Windows NT.
 Micropol by VRex, Inc. was also named the show's BEST ROOKIE. Micropol's unique manufacturing process puts a checkerboard pattern of tiny polarizing filters over the screen. To see the image users wear a lightweight pair of inexpensive glasses with oppositely polarized lenses. No other technology can provide 3-D with such clarity and without eyestrain.
 Simon was also named winner of the BEST PORTABLE category. Finalists in that category were the Dolch PAC-586, luggable Pentium system with color screen and optional stereo sound from Dolch, and the Portege T3400 and T3400CT from Toshiba.
 In the BEST SYSTEM category, the Quadra 610 from Apple took top honors. The Quadra 610 features Apple's DOS Compatible card and allows the Quadra and Centris 610 computers to simultaneously run DOS, Windows, and Macintosh software. Finalists in the category include the Express RISC server from NEC Technologies and the DEC pc XL Series from Digital Equipment Corporation.
 The DataPort 2001 Multimedia Communicator from AT&T Paradyne was winner of the BEST CONNECTIVITY/HARDWARE category. This non-proprietary multimedia modem runs voice/music and data images simultaneously on one phone line. Finalists in this category include the SX-16 Storage Crossbar from Solflower Computer Inc. and Simply LANTastic from Artisoft, Inc.
 In the BEST PERIPHERAL category, the SQ1080 microstorage system, a PCMCIA removable hard disk cartridge drive for palmtops, notebooks, pen- based computers and PDAs, from SyQuest was named the winner. Finalists in this category include DSP Solutions PORT*ABLE Sound PCMCIA, a complete audio solution system, and the Philips Brillance 2130 Computer- Controlled Monitor from Phillips Consumer Electronics.
 LinkWorks from Digital Equipment Corporation won the BEST CONNECTIVITY SOFTWARE category. LinkWorks software enables workgroups to share information and collaborate on projects over distributed client/server networks of computers. Finalists include Visual Voice, a visual basic custom control and graphical workbench, from Stylus Innovation and BW-Server from Beame & Whiteside Software.
 In the MULTIMEDIA HARDWARE category, Austek Microsystem's A1060 was named the winner. The A1060 is the first graphics accelerator to offer true workstation class 3-D graphics on personal computer platforms, by Microfield Graphics, Inc.
 Ultimedia Video IN/2 from IBM Personal Software Products won the BEST MULTIMEDIA SOFTWARE category. Video IN/2 converts video input to Indeo or IBM Ultimotion format in real time on affordable processors. Finalists include ScreenCam, a multimedia-enabling tool, by Lotus Development Corp., and Tempra Producer Pro by Mathematica, Inc.
 In the BEST PRINTER category, the QMS 2001 Knowledge System was named the winner. The software-based, expandable desktop office system can bridge the gap between paper-based information and electronic communications by computing, scanning, copying, faxing, data communications and printing capabilities into a single device. Finalists include the Canon Bubble Jet BJC-600 by Canon and the DisplayMaker Digital Color Printer by LaserMaster.
 Kai's Power Tools for Windows by HSC Software was named winner of the BEST SOFTWARE category. It significantly expands the capabilities of Windows image manipulation programs that accept the Adobe standard plug-in architecture. Finalists include WizRule by Rational Ltd., and IBM Personal Dictation System, a speech recognition software program that takes dictation at up to 70 words per minute, by IBM.
 BYTE is the world's leading multiplatform computing authority providing Early Product Adopters with in-depth coverage of leading products and emerging technologies. BYTE is read by more than 1 million readers each month.
 The "Shellys," the Oscars of microcomputing industry, are named in honor of Sheldon G. Adelson, founder of COMDEX and CEO of the Interface Group.
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