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I Give It A Year (Today, Channel 4, 9.20pm) T Nat and Josh enjoy a whirlwind romance, and tie the knot. However, a toe-curling speech from best man Danny is the first bad omen and nine months later, the couple are seeing a therapist. Josh seeks refuge in the company of kooky old flame Chloe, while Nat is wooed by a charming american businessman in this bittersweet anti-rom com.

Rose Byrne |and Rafe Spall (Tomorrow, Channel 5, 9pm) SeCret service operative Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is dismissed from duty after a tragic accident. | as he prepares to | leave, the White House is compromised by Korean terrorists. The lead bad guy is desperate to get his hands on the codes a top-secret device capable of wiping out most of | merica but Banning will stop at nothing to save the day.

blind eye to the illegal activities of Forrest Bondurant ( Tom Hardy) and his siblings t Howard (Jason Clarke) and Jack (Shia LaBeouf) who run a bar and eke out a living by trading moonshine. The siblings' business empire threatens to crumble when sadistic special deputy Charley rakes (Guy Pearce) arrives from Chicago shut down the distilleries.

Clarke and Tom Hardy play moonshiners THe perKs oF BeiNG A wAllFlower (Film4, 6.50pm) trouBLeD teenager Charlie has a difficult time fitting in at high school until he befriends Patrick and his stepsister Sam. This is a sensitive coming-of-age drama with strong ensemble performances from the likes of Logan Lerman, emma Watson and ezra Miller.

wild HoGs (Wednesday, BBC1, 11.15pm ) wF our male pals are in danger of getting mired in midlife crises, until one suggests they head out on a cross-country motorbike trip. However, they fall foul of a genuine biker gang who have been terrorising a small town. It's City Slickers on motorbikes but tim allen, John travolta, Martin Lawrence, William H Macy and ray Liotta ensure it's still a pleasant enough way spend an evening.

Born to be mild: Travolta and Martin Lawrence Thursday, iTv, 10.40pm v, 10.40pm v ) HavING shot up an american town, vietnam veteran John veteran John v rambo (Sylvester Stallone) is rescued from his hard labour prison by his old Colonel, and recruited to rescue a bunch of vietnam PoWs in this v renowned sequel.

He jets off; tools up; loses most of his kit, and descends into hostile jungle, where he befriends a local and takes on hostile forces with just a handful of weapons. For all its faults, this is great escapism.

The very confusingly |named First Blood Synecdoche, New York (BBC Two, 12.40am 12.40am T ) CaDeN Cotard, a neurotic theatre director who's suffering from a variety of ailments and a failing marriage, wins a prestigious grant and uses it to finance a wildly ambitious project - a play based on own life.

This is one of those films that divides audiences - some will want to see it just to figure it all out, while others will that if you can't understand what's going first time round, then it's probably all a bit clever by half. But it's such an original and thought-provoking movie that it's definitely worth a look - and Seymour Hoffman is predictably great in the lead role.

that if you can't understand what's going first time round, then it's probably all a bit Art imitates life in Synecdoche, New York

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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Apr 11, 2015
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