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Lissa Wright: "Negativity never ceases to amaze me. Unless you've walked a mile in his shoes, you shouldn't judge."

Debby Lowther: "I love Paul Gascoigne, I hope he can sort his life out one day at a time!" Jill Carr: "Bless him. At least he's trying to stay away from drinking. I hope he continues to make himself well. Good luck."

Alan Lee: "Paul you're a legend and have a heart of gold. Keep on going!" Lisa Mccaffery: "My heart breaks for the battle he's fighting."

Dawn Samantha Gowland Suggitt: "Good luck Gazza."

Neil Mcneil: "He's not giving up and he keeps on trying. One day he will get it."

James Mark Hindmarsh: "Hope the guy pulls himself together."

Amanda McDonald: "If this was your family member would you give up on them? No? Exactly. I love Gazza. He does have a heart of gold and lost people he loves too. Keep going Gazza. We love you."

Eileen Wells: "He's had more chances than people would have in a lifetime."

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Publication:Evening Chronicle (Newcastle, England)
Date:May 9, 2017
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