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TOOTH IS OUT; Michelle: I will be getting the gap in my teeth fixed.

Byline: FIONA CUMMINS Ms Showbiz

POP Idol Michelle McManus yesterday admitted she is getting her teeth fixed.

The singer spoke out after the Daily Mirror revealed a gap in her mouth had been mysteriously filled in for the cover of her debut single.

But 15-stone Michelle - who has said she will not slim to appease the music industry - denied the picture was the result of any electronic trickery.

The 23-year-old Glaswegian claimed it was all down to the angle of the shot.

She did, however, admit she does mind the gap - and now wants to replace the missing molar.

Michelle said: "Do you know what I love? I've just won Pop Idol and people are talking about the gap in my teeth - I think that's fantastic. I love the fact that someone has studied the photo to notice that.

"As far as I know that tooth has not been filled in, because the picture has been taken at a different angle.

"But I think it looks quite good - I'm actually getting my teeth fixed."

She lost her tooth after she decided against painful root canal work.

Michelle, whose single All This Time is out on January 5, also told GMTV yesterday she was not worried by her size.

She said: "At the end of the day I'm really happy with myself. I'm happy as a person - I would be happy if I was size 10 or if I was size 20.

"If I wanted to lose weight, I would do it for myself. And if I want to go blonde, I'll go blonde.

"I'll never want to dye my hair if someone says so. There's no point because it doesn't work when someone tells you do to something."

Michelle was also full of praise for her record company BMG.

She said: "They know what I am and I don't think for one minute that they would put pressure on me to lose weight. To try to change what I am would be mad."

But Michelle said she was not surprised that judge Pete Waterman stormed off after she was crowned Pop Idol winner on Saturday.

"It's to be expected really because there's no one in pop who looks like me.

"I'm relatively normal and Pete has never had to manage anyone like me or work with someone like me.

"People are scared of change sometimes, but change is good."

Michelle also revealed that her new-found fame - and wealth - will give her the chance to treat her family.

She said: "I'm going to help my mum and dad. I've got four sisters and it all goes on them - my parents don't spend much on themselves, so I'm going to clear their mortgage.

"But I'll definitely treat myself - I need a bit of retail therapy. I really like diamonds and I could do with some glittery jewellery for Christmas. I'll add them to my collection of fakes."

Meanwhile, it emerged last night that judge Simon Cowell will not return to Pop Idol after signing a lucrative deal to appear in three series' of the US version American Idol.

He admitted: "It's even bigger there than it is in Britain - Saturday's show is the last one for me here."

MICHELLE'S version of a song has helped it to be named the nation's favourite Christmas carol. O Holy Night, composed more than 150 years ago, was yesterday chosen by listeners of Classic FM as the top festive tune.


WINNER: Michelle yesterday; WHOLE TOOTH: Yesterday's Mirror story
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Dec 24, 2003
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