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TOGO : Ministry of primary and secondary and alphabetization (MEPSA) released GPN for providing goods,works and services.

Ministry of primary and secondary and alphabetization (MEPSA) released general procurement notice (GPN) for providing goods,works and services for Educational And Institutional Strengthening (Peri).

The project includes the following components - Access and Retention Component 1: (i) construction and equipment of classrooms in urban areas through a Master authority delegated to an agency of works, (ii) construction and equipment of classrooms in rural areas where control is delegated to authority eligible communities represented by the Management Committee of Primary Schools (COGEP) a recipient of grant Investment Coach.

Component 2 Support to quality: (i) purchase and delivery of textbooks and guides for university primary, (ii) development of textbooks (consultancy), (ii) provision of operating grants to eligible schools through the COGEP to finance educational materials, of maintenance fees, etc.. (iv) construction and equipment of three (3) Colleges of Teachers (ENI) in the Kara region, Maritime and Central through a mastery s book delegated to agency completion.

Component 3 Institutional Strengthening: (i) technical support for strengthening capacities of management and supervision of construction takes off, (ii) technical support to strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Primary and Secondary and literacy (MEPSA) in the framework of the implementation of the sector plan, particularly establishment dun system for sustainable Assesses learning outcomes, support a rationalization of allocation teachers in schools, support was beginning the development of plans for implementation of development of preschool and teaching literacy and support in the preparation with a plan for implementation of health programs, nutrition and the fight against HIV / AIDS education, and (iii) MEPSA support for strengthening its capacity for coordination and management of the sector program.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 4, 2011
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