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TOGETHER WE'LL BEAT THIS BEAST; Victims of rapist unite to ease their pain and banish sex fiend from streets of a city forever.

Byline: Grace Macaskill

TWO mums attacked by the same rapist have joined forces to fight a law-change they claim will put other women at risk.

Sarah White and Jeanette Travis were both victims of twisted Paul Dook.

He raped Sarah in 1991 and indecently assaulted Jeanette four years later.

But Dook was only nailed for raping Sarah last year - thanks to improvements in DNA testing.

And last week Sarah and Jeanette met for the first time 18 months after the fiend was caged for seven years.

They hugged and sobbed as they shared their pain with each other.

And they drew up a battle plan in a bid to make sure no woman ever has to suffer at Dook's hands again.

The pair are urging MPs to bring in new rules that would ban him from returning to their native Hull when he is freed.

And they have vowed to campaign against a European Court ruling that could force cops to destroy the DNA details of hundreds of thousands of people with no criminal conviction because it breaches their human rights.

Sarah - who has an 13-year-old daughter - said: "What about the rights of rape victims and other people affected by crime? Don't we matter? "If people have nothing to hide, they shouldn't be afraid of their DNA being held by the police.

"I have no doubt Dook has a string of victims out there and without DNA the police had no chance of catching him for what he did to me."

Sarah - not her real name - was 22 when Dook raped her in his car as he gave her a lift home after meeting at a club.

She spent years trying to put her agony behind her and struggling to come to terms with the thought the monster was still at large.

But in 2008 Dook was held for domestic violence - and DNA linked him to Sarah. And when cops asked her to give evidence, she knew she'd have to reveal the rape to her daughter, who was 11 at the time. Sarah, 42, said: "It was one of the worst things I've ever had to do but if I wanted Dook jailed I had to tell her. I couldn't keep it from her because I'd have to go to court and people talk. She was in her last year in primary school and I was forced to tell her, 'A man attacked me'.

"I told her it was a long time ago but the police had caught him and were giving me a chance to help put him in jail. I told her I wouldn't take it any further if she didn't want me to. But she said, 'He might attack someone else, mum' - and that decided me.

"It hasn't changed my relationship with my daughter and I hope it hasn't changed the way she feels about her mum.

"But it's always sitting there between us. On the day I told her my two worlds collided.

"In one, I was a young woman who was raped.

"In the other, I was a mum trying to be strong for her child."

Cops later told Sarah Don't we Dook went on to attack another woman - Jeanette. They also believe he's responsible for at least five other sex assaults.

Dook pounced on Sarah after she naively accepted his offer of a lift.

He pulled into a lay-by at Risby, near Beverley, hit her in the face, threatened more violence and raped her.

Afterwards, he ordered her to leave pounds 5 on the dashboard and said: "That's your fare for the lift." Sarah feared the beast would never be caught - but cops snared him when he was arrested in 2008 for a domestic assault.

Advances in DNA technology linked him to Sarah - and almost two decades after her ordeal she had a phone call out of the blue from detectives.

She said: "I couldn't believe it. When I was raped the police hunted high and low for Dook.

"I knew his first name, what he was wearing and what type of car he drove but still they couldn't find him.

"I'd even thrown cassettes out of the window of Dook's car which helped police find the scene of the crime.

"But they seemed to be working in the dark with nothing but the information I had given them.

"There was no real DNA technology and no CCTV cameras back then so he got away."

Sarah bravely gave evidence against Dook, 45, at Hull Crown Court last year.

Her memory of the rape was so vivid the jury took just 20 minutes to convict the monster. After Dook was jailed, Sarah decided she wanted to meet Jeanette, his only other known victim. Jeanette was 28 when she was attacked by met Dook after meeting him at her local in Hull in 1995.

He had offered to buy her a drink - and when she refused he followed her outside and insisted on walking her home.

Minutes later he dragged her into a dark alley, pushed her against a wall and tore off her top, skirt and tights.

Terrified Jeanette screamed - but he calmly looked into her eyes and said: "I'm going to kill you."


Jeanette, now 43, managed to escape when a man walking a dog disturbed Dook and asked what he was doing.

The mother of two - who has agreed to be identified - said: "I have no doubt he would have gone on to kill me that night. He was an animal."

Dook, of Burton Pidsea, East Yorks, was charged with attempted rape but eventually admitted indecent assault.

He was jailed for 10 months by Sheffield Crown Court.

Jeanette thought the nightmare was finally behind her.

But two years ago detectives asked if she'd give evidence in Sarah's case.

Jeanette said: "I wasn't in the least bit surprised he'd raped Sarah.

"I'd always thought he'd done something before he attacked me - he'd been so cool and so confident that night it was like he was well practised in it.

"I really wanted to help Sarah nail this b*****d for what he did to her because I knew how it felt.

"In the end I wasn't needed because her evidence was so strong and we never got the chance to meet at the trial."

But now the pair share an unbreakable bond - and are even planning to go on holiday together.

Sarah said: "Jeanette is the only person who can truly understand what I have been through because she also suffered at the hands of Dook.

"Unless it's happened to you, you can't understand what it's like to be sexually attacked. You constantly cringe inside."

She added: "When he raped me I knew he'd done it before and would do it again - so I hope our story will give other rape victims the strength to come forward."


CLOSE: Sarah, left, and Jeanette ALLEY: Where Dook pounced TEARFUL MEETING Jeanette hugs Sarah as they meet for first time after trial
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Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 12, 2010
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