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On this day 74 YEARS AGO (1945)

We told how 35,000 US troops were ready to enter Tokyo after Japan signed a surrender agreement aboard the US battleship Missouri in Tokyo Bay.

84 YEARS AGO (1935)

Sir Malcolm Campbell broke the land speed record reaching 304.331 miles per hour on salt flats in Utah, USA, becoming the first to drive at more than 300mph.

15 YEARS AGO (2004)

UP to 335 people died when Russian forces stormed a school after a three-day siege by Chechen Islamic militants at Beslan, North Ossetia.

Today's giggle

Which blood type causes the most mistakes in hospital? Type-O.


Platoon star Charlie Sheen is 54. He's the son of actor Martin Sheen. England football manager Gareth Southgate is 49. He was on the school rugby team. Presenter Fearne Cotton is 38. She's a pescatarian. Shirley Valentine actress Pauline Collins is 79. And many happy returns to Mirror readers Jeffrey Wisdom, from Greenhithe, Kent, who is 65, and Anne Jones, from Leeds, who turns 80 today.

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Date:Sep 3, 2019
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