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Byline: With Jane Simon

LEWIS (9pm ITV) WE thought we'd seen the last of Lewis, but it's back. On their last outing in February last year, DCI Robbie Lewis (Kevin Whateley) was all set for retirement and his sergeant James Hathaway announced he was leaving the police force as actor Laurence Fox was off to make his fortune in America.

It all seemed pretty final, so I'd love to know exactly how they were enticed back to make another series. I expect there was more to the offer than just a muffin basket.

Cop heavy: |left, is back with DI right and Hathaway has already been promoted to Detective Inspector, while Lewis, who's cajoled out of retirement to help him out in his first murder case, is obviously a DI too.

It should make for an interesting new dynamic especially as Hathaway now has an underling of his own - DS Lizzie Maddox, played by Angela Griffin, who's frustrated by her boss's reluctance to delegate.

TOM KERRIDGE'S BEST EVER DISHES(9pm BBC2) TV chefs are such an optimistic bunch sometimes aren't they? This week, the west country foodie is making home made versions of take-aways. And he's even making kebabs - the culinary equivalent of casual sex, in that they require considerable quantities of alcohol first to ever make them seem like a good idea.

"Next time you need take-away food in a hurry, why not whip up a batch of these instead?" beams Kerridge.

The image of a group of your mates staggering in from a club at 4am to start threading diced broccoli and marinated mushrooms onto skewers of lemon grass, is one definitely look forward to seeing on Instagram.

Lewis, in the mix Hathaway, DS Maddox BIG SCHOOL (9.30pm BBC1) THE Greybridge staff are a sad and lonely bunch on the whole. But being forced to share their personal space this week isn't such a happy experience for them.

A classroom fire sees Miss Postern hot-desking with chemistry teacher Mr Church But there's an even more alarming development for PE teacher Mr Gunn when caretaker Gareth becomes his new room-mate.


Cop heavy: Lewis, |left, is back in the mix with DI Hathaway, right and DS Maddox

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Oct 10, 2014
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