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TODAY'S TV With Sara Wallis.

THE GOOD WIFE (More 4, 9pm) MORE woman power (and dodgy suits) from Alicia Florrick as she takes on the legal world in this US drama, all the while sticking two fingers up at philandering ex-husband Peter.

Season seven kicks off with Canning (Michael J Fox) still trying - and failing - to woo Alicia.

She's trying to revive her flailing career by working in bond court but the judge won't give her the time of day.

| Julianna Margulies alicia The Good She needs to get attorney Lucca Quinn (British actress Cush Jumbo) on side, but Alicia's never been the best at making friends.

Meanwhile, back at home, Saint Grace is playing secretary, trying to further her mum's career and gain personal clients. So she's delighted when a woman turns up with an inheritance dispute over an PS8 million Chagall painting. It's just a shame Alicia's up against Diane and David, who plan to go for the jugular.

DICKENSIAN (BBC1, 8pm) THE dappy idiot, Miss Amelia Havisham clearly wouldn't know a bad'un if he swiped her round the face. She's only gone and got engaged to the manipulative and conniving Compeyson.

As she admires her ring by firelight, romantic thoughts flitting through her brain, you'll be screaming "Noooo! Don't do it!" As this brilliant Victorian soap opera continues apace, Amelia dashes straight down to the dress shop to tell her best mate Honoria the news.

"So you've decided to treat yourself to a new dress? Well magenta is all the rage in Paris," says Honoria. "Maybe something a little lighter," teases Amelia, "perhaps white?" as Florrick in Wife THE RESTORATION MAN (Channel 4, 9pm) OUR guide in this series is dashing architect George Clarke who likes to help rescue neglected treasures across Britain.

In this episode, amateurs Mark Hinchcliffe and Laura Rushton have hatched a plan to turn two beautiful but crumbling church buildings into luxury family homes in Harrogate.

It's a stunning conversion, and they have the skills to get the job done, but can they keep up their high standards as the costs of modernising spiral?


| Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick in

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Date:Jan 28, 2016
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