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TODAY'S TV With Jane Simon.

LIFE STORY (9pm BBC1) OH Lordy. I really don't know how much more of these nature documentaries I can take. It's so harrowing.

Last week we had baby goslings plummeting to their deaths. This week it's an adolescent tiger struggling to reach adulthood.

For once, it's not humans who are threatening the tigers' existence, but that's really of no comfort. Given half a chance, adult male tigers will kill any cubs that aren't their own.

Alfie |in vengeful One thing you can't fault is the exquisite photography which continues to amaze - whether it's the close up of a cheetah's paw as she stalks her first impala, or a tiny hummingbird being attacked by honeybees.

And there's comedy too as we observe a juvenile male bower bird getting lessons in Grand Designs of nest building and interior decoration from an adult male who then tries to chat him up. Awkward.

PEAKY BLINDERS (9pm BBC2) NOTHING on TV serves up its sex and violence with such intensity as Peaky Blinders.

Each episode immerses you so completely in its world you often feel like you're sleep-walking through someone else's vivid nightmare.

As we head towards next week's season two finale, tonight opens with the London gangs wreaking their all-too predictable vengeance on the Birmingham gypsies who have dared to try and exile them from their own land, as Jewish gang boss Alfie Solomons, Tom T Hardy (pictured) relishes the chance to get all Old Testament at Arthur's Texpense.

Solomons is mood 24 HOURS IN A&E (9pm Channel 4) AFTER six series and 70 episodes at King's College Hospital, the new series seven comes from St George's Hospital in south west London, whose A&E department is one of the most advanced and busiest in the world.

In the first episode, the trauma team fights to save the life of a young woman after a horrific motorbike accident.

Dental nurse Kerry lost control of her motorbike, completely severing her right leg below the knee and arrives from Essex by air ambulance.


Alfie Solomons is |in vengeful mood

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