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"I am very aware of how horrific my American accent is. I am surrounded by all these beautiful, lyrical English accents, and then I hear my own voice and want to punch myself in the face."

Jeremy Piven, star of the ITV series Mr Selfridge.

"Gosh I feel domestic. Recycling done, prepped lunch, fed animals, dried off from rain, smiling, put on frock."

Arlene Phillips, former Strictly Come Dancing judge.

"The Ukraine crisis has really affected me. I have had to cancel a lot of visits over there - that is where the rich men are who can afford me." Socialite Paris Hilton.

"I have an issue with politicians. They seem to be good at arguing, very good at lying, and I am also part of a profession that is trained to lie, tell a story, win the audience over and win an argument. So I always worry when politicians side with actors, because you get double lying going on."

Scottish film star James McAvoy.
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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:May 29, 2014
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