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We here at Gift Guide central have been collecting sports memorabilia for a number of years. The tradition continues this season thanks to a pair of interesting sources: Sporticulture and Tervis.

The latter produces reusable drinkware with a lifetime guarantee--water bottles, tumblers, mugs, and wine glasses in gazillions of different designs. They have your favorite sports team, superhero, flower, and so much more. They also provide the option to design with personal photos--and recently introduced a tumbler you can customize using Augmented Reality--very cool.

However, it was the "favorite sports team" category that caught our eye. Always looking to add to our ever-burgeoning collection, it was imperative we check out what was in stock for our three favorite teams: MLB's San Francisco Giants, the NFLs Cleveland Browns, and the NCAA's Tennessee Volunteers. (Yes, we know: all have orange as one of their team colors.)

The Tervis website offered lots of eye candy that inspired us to order: S.F. Giants All Over and Colossal 2 Pack Gift Set Boxed; S.F. Giants Classic; Stainless Steel Tumbler Cleveland Browns Rush; Cleveland Browns All Over; Ten nessee Volunteers College Pride and Prep Gift Set Boxed; and Tennessee Vols Aztec Stripes. All are different shapes and sizes with team logos that absolutely pop. While they are guaranteed to stand up to heavy use and subsequent washing, ours will not be put to that test, as they are headed straight to our display case. You might want to do the same once you order drinkware for your favorite team(s). The graphics, no matter what franchise you root for, are sure to dazzle.

Sporticulture, too, displays dazzling colors in connection with your favorite team(s)--in flowers... and while pansies may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the gridiron, the NFL and NCAA Fall Pansy Mix that arrived in helmet-logoed flower pot buckets are quite striking, dotted with, among other colors, orange blooms. Moreover, since football now is virtually a year-round sport--summer training camp; a fall regular season; and playoffs and bowls in winter--feel free to order in-season flowers anytime ... and rest assured that, no matter what your favorite team's colors are, blooms of that hue will be showcased in the arrangement. Finally, for trivia buffs and football historians, included in each pot is a flat helmet cutout with, on the backside, a list of that team's accomplishments, including division, conference, and national championships.

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