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TO THE GROUND: Pogo back to days of; GO2.

STICK 'em up punks, raise 'em high and applaud like the wild/misty- eyed disciples of anarchy that you are.

Why? 'Cos if you're a remnant of '77, or even a new convert to the glory of punk, then we have something for you this week.

It begins tonight, albeit in a low key kinda way, at both the Nags Head in Nuneaton and Kelly's in Leamington. The Nags plays host to Rebellious Jukebox a guitar, drum and bass three-piece always at their strongest when covering punk anthems.

Over at Kelly's there's The Sussex Pistols. I'll let you figure out what they're all about.

Pogoing on to Saturday night and the genre is given a twist of youthful exuberance when the Hand and Heart on Far Gosford Street invites the skate punk shenanigans of Nerve and Four Foot Singers.

And then it quietens down but worry not, 'tis but the calm before the storm. On Tuesday the Hand and Heart again explodes, this time to the sound of legendary punk/new wave stalwarts 999. Expect minor classics Emergency, Homicide, I'm Alive and Nasty Nasty and expect all the fury and raw energy of the early days. 999 are growing old disgracefully.

Providing support on Tuesday are General Winter and The Old No 7 Band and it's early doors at 7.30pm, so eat your tea quick.

For other highlights of the week we need to rewind back to tonight. Some people say dance music is the new punk. Others say it might have been once but it's now just a mass marketed genre lapped up by sheep which ran its course some 10 years ago. And then a DJ like Sarah G, who plays at Stush at Fattys tonight convinces you that there's life in the dance dog yet.

On Saturday night you can see Element and Zinga, stablemates to Birmingham's New Electrics. They play The Colosseum.

The Colosseum that night also hosts a Skint Records album launch for Cut La Roc, so there'll be loadsa freebies.

Saturday also brings Bait, with a mix of original sparkly guitar pop and covers, to the Stoke and Districts Ex-Serviceman's Club, Drivin' South to the Nags Head and the DB Smith Blues Band to Kelly's.

On Sunday you can nurse your afternoon hangover to Filligre at the Nags and then move on to The Rocket for The Difference.

Monday evening brings a band called Little Wing to Kelly's - a Hendrix tribute, I'll warrant. Or I shall eat my hat.

The week rounds off with Sopha at Kelly's on Thursday and the clever clever Locarno and Four Kings at the Colosseum.

Over at Graduates Soul Food, which made its name at McGuigans, brings it's special flavour to a new night called Refried Soul Food. You'll hear the best in soul, funk, hip hop and breakbeat and there'll even be West Indian food laid on.

And for those who don't like to walk with a punk rock gait or a funky roll, but prefer to strut with a be-bop lilt, jazz legend Denys Baptiste plays the Leofric Hotel Ballroom on Thursday, with renowned vocalist Juliet Robers. Groovy baby.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Crutchlow, Dayle
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Aug 18, 2000
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