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TO THE GROUND: EURO in for a good time; GO2.

ENTERTAINMENT in the area this week is something of an Anglo-German affair, with the first leg of a Euro band-swap taking place.

In the home colours are Swamp Donkey - a master class in performance, power and the sonic beauty of chainsaw guitars - and cut glass gargling vocals and Tris Spencer - exciting and stunning sounds drawing influences from rock, folk, the classics and cultural sounds from around the world.

From Berlin, Pastime are a funk, rap and rock outfit, while Sofaplanet are described as new pop/rock.

You can catch the Euro cocktail at The Fir Tree in Arley tonight, The Colosseum tomorrow and Kelly's in Leamington on Sunday.

The away goals rule counts and please don't mention the w....

Tonight is also a chance to catch the intriguingly titled Roshenko, featuring the talents of Melody Maker journo Neil Kulkarni. Also on the bill are the outrageously inventive Tra La La, ghoul and Pre-Hulk. It all takes place at The Hand and Heart.

The Colosseum tonight holds an event going by the name of Gridlock City Rock Club.

Tomorrow night also brings the return of Gash at Kelly's. Where have they been?

Electric Ladyland bring the sounds of Hendrix to the Nags Head in Nuneaton.

Bank Holiday Monday brings the very fine Four on the Floor to the Nags Head, for those who appreciate fine rock and roll band.

For those who prefer to dance, try Surreal at The Colosseum, with DJ Clarkee and Nicky Blackmarket cutting up.

On Tuesday Jumpin' Jaks, a venue that clearly has a healthy entertainments budget, continues to spend it 'wisely'. Having already given us the joys of Black Lace, Limahl and Brotherhood of Man, they now bring Kenny Thomas, a soul singer best known for his 80s hit Outstanding. At the time he was billed as the new Rick Astley. We needed another? They'll claim that it's what their punters want. Unfortunately, they're right.

Thursday sees another week bid au revoir with Malice in Wonderland at The Golden Cross and The Palantines at The Earlsdon Cottage. Something different can be enjoyed at Warwick Arts centre with a performance from the Harlem Gospel Choir. You may remember them singing Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For with U2 on Rattle and Hum.
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Title Annotation:Features
Author:Crutchlow, Dayle
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Apr 21, 2000
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