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TO BALDLY GO FOR A NEW LOOK TO BALDY GO FOR A NEW LOOK; Record man Brian tries out Scotland's first virtual hair salon.

Byline: Brian McCartney

HOW do you tell a hairdo from a hair-don't before it's too late?

It's the style crisis that plagues men and women every time they go for a cut.

With my lack of hair, I don't have many alternatives but ingenious crimper Colin Brunton has come up with a hi-tech solution for the more luxuriantly tressed.

His computerized 'hair shop' lets customers see how different styles would look on them before they take the plunge.

Colin yesterday allowed me to try out the system - which could even be used to select a wig if I fancied the idea.

He uses a camera, laptop and computer program devised in Russia to try various styles before he gets busy with the scissors.

The Virtual Salon offers 'pick- and-mix' options that create 46,750 combinations of style and colour.

Colin, 45, said: 'There have been Virtual Salons in Europe for a while but there are very few in the UK and I think we're the first in Scotland.'

And that's why a man who can sort his hair with a palm pat to the sides and back was at the HQ salon in King Street, Dundee.

Father-of-three Colin, who has been in the hairdressing business for 27 years, was in his element.

Not only did he put hair back on places I used to have some, he was putting hair where I've never had any.

In less time than it takes to tell, I'd sampled lookalike hairdos for Rod Stewart (looking more like a bad case of static electricity), Jonathan Ross, Colin Montgomerie, Jeremy Beadle, footballers Barry Ferguson, Alan Rough and Robbie Savage, Tory MP Boris Johnson and former Hearts chairman Chris Robinson.

But despite 'all the fun of the hair', there's a serious side to the business.

Colin said: 'Not only does the system allow a woman to preview a style, it lets you do a complete digital makeover by applying make-up.'

The package, developed in St Petersburg, can even be used to simulate the effects of plastic surgery, and students can watch lessons on video.

As an introductory offer, Colin will let new customers have a free try of the Virtual Salon.


BRIAN; BARMY; BEARDY; BOUFFANT; BRI-NYLON; SIMULATION: Colin Brunton with his Virtual Salon system
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 7, 2005
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