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TMR shortlist of online assessment tools.

With great quantities of proprietary content moving online, the need to test online students is growing. There's also a need for stand-alone online testing--for example, to probe the knowledge of job applicants or new employees or to confirm that everyone understands an organization's sexual harassment policy and procedures.

Authoring tools such as Lectora and Captivate have been bulking up their assessment functions. But specialist products generally provide more flexibility in all aspects of testing, from authoring to reporting. The online assessment tools are rapidly enlarging the types of questions they can author and making possible the use of media such as photos and Flash movies with test questions.

And then there is the low-tech but highly reliable solution of pencil-and-paper tests. With scanning equipment, answers can quickly be read into a database, where tests can be scored and reported on. Some of the tools on the shortlist can be used for developing hardcopy tests.

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Cquest Assessment Software

Exam Engine


The Examiner System

Perception Online Assessment Software


Test Pilot

Testcraft and Questionlab

Questionmark Perception (updated information)
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Date:Jul 1, 2007
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